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Kit O’Connell liveblogs #OWSRNC on Dissenter, Day 2

Two clowns stand in front of bicycle cops.

Click to go to the Occupy the RNC liveblog on Dissenter (Photo: @HeatherB102)

Kevin Gosztola invited myFDL editor Kit O’Connell to liveblog the protests at the Republican National Convention on Dissenter. Follow day two’s events there, with updates and livestreams as they become available:

Hi, y’all.

Clown Bloc at Tuesday’s March Against Voter Suppression (Photo: @HeatherB102).

Welcome back. This is day 2 of my liveblog of protests outside (and occasionally inside) the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. This is the second formal day of the convention (Monday’s events were canceled due to Hurricane Isaac) but the third full day of protest. Both continue through Thursday, when Mitt Romney is expected to accept the Republican Party’s nomination for President, and activists have declared a national day of action to Shut Down Bain Capital.

Although autonomous, unscheduled actions may appear at any time during the day, there are two formally announced events I know about today:the Women Are Watching March at 2pm (starting at Julian B Lane Riverfront Park, 1001 North Boulevard, Tampa) and Welcome to Mitt Romney’s America march through downtown Tampa at 6pm. Last night, I also heard reports of a planned ‘pirate march’ which will attempt to have a playful, festival atmosphere.

Read more on Dissenter.

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