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Has Cenk Uygur suddenly found God in Obama?

Do you remember the days when Cenk Uygur was an aggressive progressive and would expose Obama and Congressional Democrats for what they were: corporatists wearing populists’ personas?

Well, I guess the Epic Politic’s Man, Michael Shure, has wooed and won Cenk Uygur over to his thinking that Obama is the lesser of two evils, and therefore, the Young Turks need to focus their attacks on Romney and the Republicans and spare President Obama so that he can be re-elected. I rarely hear Cenk Uygur now on The Young Turks rip into the hypocritical Obama and Democrats for their corporatism. His segments over the recent past have centered on Romney, Ryan, and the Republicans.

Hey, I am no fan of the “Three Rs”: they indeed represent a triple threat–the triple “Rs” (raid, rip off, rape)–to the middle class. But at least we know they are the Vikings who have come to pillage and plunder us and not pretending to be missionaries of democracy, like Obama and Congressional Democrats.

Last night, in case you missed it since the commercials consumed more time than it did, Cenk Uygur devoted a whole 60 seconds to the BIG story over the weekend: how Obama in an interview with the Associated Press revealed that he will give away all to Republicans by agreeing to the “Grand Deal”: cuts to social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and not do what Democrats and Progressives want — tax the rich and the corporations.

Gee, Cenk, I thought you were an “aggressive progressive”. Is this the same Cenk Uygur that attacked Obama for the last two years for being a corporatist? Did you all of a sudden find god in Obama? It sounds as if you are on a mission from god to ensure Obama’s re-election.

Don’t tell me you are falling for that nonsense about Obama being the lesser of two evils! Unlike Breyer and Ginsburg, didn’t his two Supreme Court appointees, Kagan and Sotomayor fail to speak up on the decision not to review Montana’s Citizens United case? Hasn’t Kagan been a defender of Monsanto?! Doesn’t this lead you to suspect that Obama’s Supreme Court appointees may be nothing but corporate shrills? And hasn’t Obama demonstrated to you by now he is one himself?

And if McCain were President instead of Obama, and had signed the NDAA, still had troops in the middle east, proposed Romneycare, proposed a 20% reduction in corporate taxes, agreed to the Grand Bargain to cut social programs for phoney revenue enhancements, extended the Bush tax cuts, signed an egregious estate tax reduction, secretly negotiated behind closed doors the trans-pacific trade treaty, et al, wouldn’t Democrats and Progressives have taken to the streets in protest by now?

Who is the lesser of two evils? A corporatist who can’t fool the people, or a corporatist who can fool the people by wearing a populist persona?

The more Obama cheerleading Cenk Uygur does, the quicker I turn off his program. If I wanted to watch attacks on Republicans and defenses of Democrats, I’d watch Obama’s head cheerleader and Cenk’s buddy, Al Sharpton! Now there is news, fair and balanced! He sure ain’t no propagandist like Joseph Goebbels, ma.

I knew Michael Shure was an apologist for Obama, but et tu, Cenk? I used to believe in you, Cenk. I used to respect your reporting as unbiased.

Perhaps Cenk should change his epithet from the “aggressive progressive” to the “indecisive progressive” or the “submissive progressive.”

The Barefoot Accountant

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