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GOP Platform Approved; Romney Formally Nominated

The Republican Party has formally adopted their platform, amid a smattering of No votes and a bit of tension on the convention floor, which was for the most part safely shunted to the sidelines.

The platform document can be found here. But we already know plenty about it, based on leaks and even an untimely release from the RNC of a portion of it. The GOP platform would ban marriage equality and the right to choose. It would turn Medicare into a voucher program. It would inaugurate a commission to return to the gold standard. It would extend the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts. It would oppose limits or any restrictions on guns, including high-capacity magazine clips. It is an fairly full-throated expression of the right wing of the party.

I’ll have more on the platform tomorrow.

The convention is in the midst of the roll call formally nominating Mitt Romney as their Presidential nominee. Earlier, the convention saw a fight to seat the Maine delegation, including many Paul supporters. The Paul supporters lost the vote, and about half the Maine delegation walked out. Paul supporters also objected to a rule change around the party rules on delegate selection, but they lost that as well. All of this was done away from the prying eyes of prime time viewers.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney has now been formally nominated by the Republican Party as their nominee for President.

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David Dayen

David Dayen