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Rape Party’s Poster Boy Is Grounded And Can’t Come Out And Play

Pimp-faced dork and contributing factor in why Andrew Breitbart’s heart exploded like a rear-ended Pinto, James O’Keefe, was supposed to go to Tampa this week to get some kind of award given by some kind of organization that supposedly does something or other, probably about socialism, yeah let’s say socialism. Anyway O’Keefe will now not be going to Tampa because Barack Nobama is personally making sure O’Keefe is grounded and must stay in his bedroom at his parents house while everyone else is out having fun with hookers and strippers:

Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe is skipping the Republican National Convention, where he was scheduled to host a lunch on Tuesday. According to host organization James Madison Institute’s website, O’Keefe “will not be able to personally attend,” citing “government restrictions.”

“Come hear why the federal government has revoked permission for him to travel to Tampa,” an update on the website reads. “Despite the government’s restrictions, not all is lost for this citizen journalist in the age of new media.” O’Keefe will be communicating with luncheon guests via Skype.

In protest, O’Keefe has changed the scrawled sign on his bedroom door from ‘ ? ? My Sexy Palace Of Sexy Delites. Keep Out!! ? ? !! ‘ to ‘Camp Gitmo, New Jersey’.

No word yet and whether he’ll be able to get back the deposit on the dildo rape boat he had rented for the week.

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