Local priest-guy Salvatore “Big Sally” Cordileone who was recently called up by by capo di tutti capi Ratzinger to take over the San Francisco family after his fine work kneecapping the gheys when they tried to muscle their way into a piece of the California marriage racket, was down in San Diego this weekend partying.

It did not end well:

The Roman Catholic archbishop-elect of San Francisco was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence, San Diego police said Monday.

The Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, a vigorous supporter of California’s same-sex marriage ban, was taken into custody after being stopped early Saturday at a checkpoint near the San Diego State University campus, said Detective Gary Hassen, a police spokesman. He declined to comment on whether Cordileone took a sobriety test.

We will pause here to point out that Gary Hassan is a high school buddy of mine, which has no bearing whatsoever on the story, but I wouldn’t want my alternative speculative-future potential employment at The Guardian to be jeopardized by the failure to disclose shit like that.

Carry on…

Cordileone, 56, is a native of San Diego, where he was raised and ordained as a priest in 1982. In July, Pope Benedict XVI selected him to replace Archbishop George Niederauer, who is retiring in October. Cordileone was most recently bishop of Oakland and several years ago, he was an auxiliary bishop in San Diego.

While serving in San Diego four years ago, Cordileone was instrumental in devising an initiative to strip same-sex couples of the right to wed in California and then raising Catholic dollars to qualify it for the ballot. He also was part of a statewide network of clergy that promoted the measure, known as Proposition 8. Campaign finance records show he personally gave at least $6,000 to back the voter-approved ban.

Since last year, Cordileone has been chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage.

Who could have imagined that there would be a DUI checkpoint by San Diego State University on the Saturday night prior to the start of the new school year? Weird, right…?

Anyway, nobody was hurt and it’s not like Big Sally was some homo-hating legislator who was out gay-sailing and almost killed some kids, because the church gets super frowny-faced with stuff like that and also, if you get sacked by Rome (hah!), the golden parachute isn’t nearly as big.



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