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We cannot waste another four years. We cannot wait that long. Our standard of living is being stolen from all of us.

Our electoral system is rigged.  We are only allowed two choices between two corporatists, one merely having a more supposedly liberal posture, one supposedly a populist to allay the concerns of democratic voters.

The powers that be divide us to maintain their control over us.  They divide us on nonmonetary issues since whichever side prevails, it does not impact their financial wealth and power. Remember: divide and conquer.

Have you read the Supreme Court Justice Powell’s memo?   There was an orchestrated takeover of our democratic government by Corporate America, beginning nearly forty years ago.  Can you imagine a Supreme Court Justice writing such a memo on how to take control of a democratic government?  Can you then imagine a public gullible and dumb enough to be oblivious of its takeover?  Even today a significant component of our population believe in the propaganda issued by Corporate America’s media machines. This should frighten and anger all of us.

We are now in the fight for our very survival.  As Warren Buffett has observed, “there is class warfare, all right.  But it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”  During the economic expansion between 2002 and 2007, the income of the top 1% grew 10 times faster than the income of the bottom 90%.  93% of the economic gains from the short-lived economic recovery in 2010 went to the top 1%.  The top 20% now own 85% of all of our nation’s wealth, while a small number of individuals own more than that owned by half of our population.   Soon all the wealth will have been transferred to that 1% and we will all be in abject poverty.  Recent history has shown that it does not matter whether a Democrat or Republican holds the Presidency.  Both are bought and paid for by the wealthy.  The growth in economy inequality is accelerating exponentially.  We are running out of time.

What did our forefathers do when faced with taxation without representation?  How did they confront tyranny?  Aren’t we now being taxed without representation, witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in history from inequitable tax laws?  Aren’t candidates like Paul Ryan proposing to eliminate taxes on the wealthy entirely?  Are they not allowing offshoring to escape taxation?  Are they not discussing repatriation without taxation?  Are they not proposing reductions in the corporate tax rate?  Did they not reduce the inheritance tax to a third of what it was before?  Have they not expanded the exemption from taxation amount  from $600,000 to $5 or $10 million?

How should we confront such blatant tyranny?

We cannot waste another four years.  We cannot wait that long.  We need to organize and fight this takeover.  We are nearly out of time.  What would our forefathers advise us to do?



For those of you who have not already done so, please consider signing the petition to allow Rocky Anderson into the Presidential debates:

And after you do, please tweet it on facebook and twitter, and email the link to your friends and family.

It’s time to have a real debate for once instead of the dog and pony show we get every four years.

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