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Please sign a petition to allow the third party candidate, Rocky Anderson, to participate in the Presidential debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates was originally sponsored by the League of Women Voters; however, the Republican and Democratic Parties pushed that organization out and assumed control over the debates, preventing any real challenging questions to the candidates on issues that Corporate America did not wished to be addressed.

Also these two parties would not allow Ralph Nader to participate in these debates even though he was certainly a major candidate, especially to independent voters, and would have discussed the embarrassing issue of too much corporate money in politics and the control of our government by corporate America.

I would like all candidates for the Presidency on state ballots to be included in these debates, including Rocky Anderson, Dr. Jill Stein, Stewart Alexander, Gary Johnson et al.
I started a petition to have Rocky Anderson included in the Presidential debates. If you feel that the exclusion of other serious candidates is undemocratic, please set up your own petition at Move On and consider signing the petition to allow Rocky Anderson into the Presidential debates:

Please go and sign the petition now at

And after you do, please tweet it on facebook and twitter, and email the link to your friends and family.

It’s time to have a real debate for once instead of the dog and pony show we get every four years.

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