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Come Saturday Morning: Woof!

Photo credit: Hannah Stonehouse Hudson/

I figured that after a week of news that was weirder than usual, I should start today off on a better note. So here it is — and yes, it’s a few weeks old, but it’s still good:

John Unger’s beloved dog is benefiting from some expensive medical treatment thanks to a photograph that went viral over the weekend.

The image is of John Unger holding his 19 year old dog Schoep in Lake Superior. Unger rescued the dog as a puppy, and the two have been through a lot together. Now the aging companion suffers from arthritis; Unger found that the unusually warm waters of Lake Superior helped the dog to relax and fall asleep. Unger asked Bayfield, Wisconsin photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson to capture what he believed might be his last journey into the lake with his canine friend.

One of the reasons Unger is there for Schoep, as the photo so clearly shows, is because Schoep’s always been there for him, loyal and true. Unger even credits Schoep for keeping him from taking his own life in the aftermath of a breakup with his fianceé.

The picture has been seen worldwide — and best of all, donations have flowed to Unger so he can purchase laser treatments for Schoep’s arthritis, and someone even sent Unger a Tempur-pedic doggie bed for Schoep. The treatments and the bed have already helped Schoep greatly.

Here’s to you, Schoep, and to you, John Unger. May the two of you swim happily in Lake Superior for some time to come.

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