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Romney/Ryan claim that no one over 55 will be affected by their Medicare plan is false (surprise!)

Seeing GOP talking heads spew out the pathetic talking point that any changes to Medicare  under Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would “only affect people 55 and under” was bad enough — we’re to believe that today’s voting grandmas and grandpas should be A-OK with screwing their kids and grandkids — it is also a lie, since they leave out the impact of repealing the Affordable Care Act, which they intend to do. But why should we be surprised. Igor Volsky at Think Progress (read the full report here ):

The Romney/Ryan proposal to transform Medicare’s guaranteed benefit into a “premium support” structure for future retirees could increase costs by almost $60,000 for seniors reaching the age of 65 in 2023, a new report from the Center for American Progress finds. Current seniors would also have to pay more for preventive, hospital, and physician services should Romney and Ryan repeal the Affordable Care Act, facing an increase in health spending of between $7,900 and $18,600 over the course of their retirement.

Current seniors will pay more. The premium support structure does not kick in until 2023, so current seniors will remain in the existing Medicare program. But should Romney/Ryan repeal the Affordable Care Act’s savings, beneficiaries will face higher cost sharing and premiums (particularly for preventive services) and seniors who have received prescription drug discounts, will now pay more for their medications. What’s more, Romney/Ryan would lower Medicaid spending significantly beginning next year, shifting federal spending to states and beneficiaries, and increasing costs for the 9 million Medicare recipients who are dependent on Medicaid.

Here’s a telling infographic from the Center for American Progress Action Fund:

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding