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Mexican Drug Gang Zetas trained at the School for the America’s

The Zetas, hired assassins for the Gulf Cartel, feature 31 ex-soldiers once part of an elite division of the Mexican army – the Special Air Mobile Force Group. At least one-third of this battalion’s deserters was trained at the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga., according to documents from the Mexican secretary of defense.

Why should we care

MEXICO CITY — A split in the leadership of Mexico’s violent Zetas cartel has led to the rise of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, a man so feared that one rival has called for a grand alliance to confront a gang chief blamed for a new round of bloodshed in the country’s once relatively tranquil central states.

When ever there is a split in the gangs there is a gang war with even more death.


The new data, released this week by Mexico’s statistics and geography institute, show that 27,199 people were killed in Mexico last year — or 24 homicides per 100,000 people. The rate in 2007 was 8 per 100,000. Last year it was 23 per 100,000.

Mexico still compares favorably to a number of other Latin American countries that have also been destabilized by drug cartels and gang violence. In 2010, Honduras suffered 82.1 homicides per 100,000 residents. In Colombia that year, the homicide rate stood at 33.4 per 100,000,

I expect these numbers to go up.

But…but the drug war is worth it if we give up the drug war America will be filled with cheap cocaine.


$177.26. That is the retail price, according to Drug Enforcement Administration data, of one gram of pure cocaine from your typical local pusher. That is 74 percent cheaper than it was 30 years ago.

A 74% reduction in price means the drug war is a success? Maybe its time to declare”Mission Accomplished ” and go back home.

After 40 years, the United States‘ war on drugs has cost $1 trillion

Despite cutting Social Security and Medicare because we lacked the money in the budget Obama found $25 billion dollars for the war on drugs.

In 2010 Obama spent $15.5 billion thats a $14.5 billion increase for a government policy  who’s stated goal of stopping drugs has actually decreased the price of drugs 74%.


The incarceration rate in the United States of America is the highest in the world. As of 2009, the incarceration rate was 743 per 100,000 of national population (0.743%).[2] In comparison, Russia had the second highest, at 577 per 100,000,

One cannot help but wonder if the real purpose of the drug war is to keep African Americans and Hispanics from voting and to make politicians rich by investing in the private prison industry. The Private Prison Industry spends about $45 million a year lobbying just for stricter immigration laws.

A decade ago, just 10 percent of the beds in the nation’s civil detention system were in private facilities with little federal oversight. Now, about half the beds are part of a sprawling, private system, largely controlled by just three companies: Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), The GEO Group, and Management and Training Corp.

CCA was on the verge of bankruptcy in 2000… last year, the company reaped $162 million in net income. Federal contracts made up 43 percent of its total revenues, in part thanks to rising immigrant detention.

GEO, which cites the immigration agency as its largest client, saw its net income jump from $16.9 million to $78.6 million since 2000.

Buying Congress and the WH seems to be a very good investment strategy.


On a side note look at the murder rate for the countries below with the exception of Venezuela who’s numbers I think are spiked by the CIA spreading cash to destabilize the government. Lefty countries in South America tend to have lower murder rates than Countries that accept American Military and or Anti Drug money and weapons.

I might crunch the numbers in a later post but it seems they have better economies too.

UNODC murder rates most recent year (full table here)
Country Rate Count Region Subregion
 Venezuela 45.1
 Cuba 5.0 5
 Haiti 6.9 6
 Dominican Republic 25.0 2513


 United States 4.2 12996 Americas Northern America
 Argentina 3.4 1360 Americas South America
 Bolivia 8.9 884 Americas South America
 Brazil 21.0 40974 Americas South America
 Chile 3.2 541 Americas South America
 Colombia 33.4 15459+


 Belize 41.4 129 Americas Central America
 Costa Rica 11.3 527 Americas Central America
 El Salvador 69.2 4308 Americas Central America
 Guatemala 38.5 5681 Americas Central America
 Honduras 91.6 7104 Americas Central America
 Mexico 22.7 25757+ Americas Central America
 Nicaragua 13.6 785 Americas Central America
 Panama 21.6 759
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