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The Heavy Cross We Bear

Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.

-Napoleon Bonaparte


Despite the strides of modern science, humanity is still besieged and enslaved by ancient modes of thought.  Religion and occultism, which both stem from primordial paganism, should logically have been stamped out by now.

Instead, the masses “believe” whatever religion is culturally imposed on them — with little or no understanding of its origins and meanings.  Meanwhile, our elite indulge in a perverse occultism — propagated within secret societies such as Freemasonry — which affirms their “superiority” over the ignorant masses and sanctifies their most brutal misdeeds.

Foremost among those misdeeds is the act of war — pitting the masses against each other under contrived pretenses.  To the elite we are literally herds of cattle, to be either milked or slaughtered at their will.  It should come as no surprise, then, that the horror of 9/11 was planned and orchestrated by our own occultist elite.  For them this was just another day at the office (or second grade, in the case of Bush).

Of all the threats to elitism over the centuries, none has been greater than that posed by Marxism-Leninism.  Lenin, in particular, conceived of a society free from religion (and the sinister, occult variations adopted by the elite).  Once the mental chains of religion are broken, so is the elites’ hypnotic power over the masses.  The economic and class structures providing unwarranted privilege are then in imminent jeopardy.

Today there is a fledgling movement towards “resource-based economy” called Zeitgeist, which has much in common with Marxism.  This ideology holds that scarcity of resources is a contrived state meant to keep the masses struggling and subservient.  Religion and war are likewise seen as contrivances of elitism.

These concepts are expounded in the worthwhile video Zeitgeist: Final Edition, offered below for your consideration.  One can excuse the somewhat cult-like quality of Zeitgeist, considering there is no cult worse than the one of greed and war, occultism and religion, that dominates America today.

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