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Isaac and the republican convention.

For those who wish to track the development of TS Isaac and it’s probable impact on Tampa and the republican convention here are are few links that I have found over the years to be the best at getting information on tropical systems.

Weather Underground. This I think is the best site so far. They have the NHC forecast plus the model graphics and satellite images. Dr. Masters blog gives a very good run down on the current status and what he thinks is the likely forecast. Plus his reasoning behind the NHC forecasts in a nice understandable manner. Complete with graphics.

Navy/NRL Monterey.  Has some of the best satellite pics. Some very large and you can generate your own animation of them in a number of formats including Java and animated gif.    Click on the storm name and then on the satellite pic on the right. Then at the top of the next window click loop. There you can select the size and images you wan to animate.

Crown weather tropical.  Definitely for weather geeks. It has graphics for just about everything tropical. Satellite, tracking, winds aloft, sea surface temps. You name it.

CIMSS Univ. of Wisconsin.  Great for satellite graphics and animated satellite.  Click on the little hurricane icon on the map at the top. This will give a window showing the latest satellite. From there you can select what kind you want atr the top and to animate it by clicking animate gif on the left.

Caribbean Hurricane Network. People on the islands post here what is going on with them and their island,  hurricane wise.

And of course the official NHC.

For those with short wave radios you can listen to the Hurricane Watch Net. Activated when ever a hurricane is close to or threatening land. It is on 14.325 MHZ in the 20 meter Amateur Radio Band. They communicate information from those in the effected areas to and from the NHC via the NHC Amateur Radio Station WX4NHC located at the hurricane center. The web site also has streaming audio of net activities when it is active.

TS Isaac GFS Ensemble Computer Model



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