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Best Action Ever: Reward Offered to WikiLeaks: Liberate the TPP’s Secret Language: YES!

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Good morning, all.  This has to be one of the most feel-good moves imaginable right now; I hope it brings as many grins to your days as it has to mine already.  Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy is crowd-sourcing the  reward offered  to WikiLeaks ahead of the 14th round of negotiations at Leesburg, Virginia  September 6.

Most of the negotiated language has been written behind closed doors, and while some portions have been leaked, the full text has only been made available to Corporations and their 600 officially designated trade representatives who attend the negotiations.  There is no way to argue against the fact that American citizens and those of the likely nine (three others are waiting in the wings) signatory nations have a full right to know exactly what’s in the deal.

Public Citizens’s Trade Watch doesn’t mince words: the TPPA is the Corporate Power Tool of the 1%’.

This plan is a stunningly beautiful two-fer, as Robert Naiman explains.  First,  that crowd-sourcing the reward will show the level of public support for WikiLeaks, raise needed money for the organization, and demonstrate the strength of opposition to this monumentally disastrous and UnFair trade agreement.  And further, according to Naiman:

“If WikiLeaks publishes the TPP negotiating text, it will show that WikiLeaks is still relevant to citizen demands for government transparency, that publishing US diplomatic cables wasn’t the end of WikiLeaks’ contribution to public knowledge of government misdeeds. And it will show that the WikiLeaks campaign for government transparency isn’t just about issues related to war, but extends to every area where secretive government action threatens the public interest.”

He cites the UK’s refusal to grant Julian Assange safe passage to Ecuador, the corporate blockade of the organizations fundraising capabilities, and the costs of Assange’s defense draining its funds.

“Protecting Assange’s civil liberties is crucial because it’s a test case for all future whistleblowers. But it’s also crucial to protect and sustain WikiLeaks, for exactly the same reason: the US government and its allies are trying to set a precedent of successful intimidation, to deter future whistleblowers. We cannot allow this precedent to stand.

By making a pledge to our reward for WikiLeaks if it publishes the TPP negotiating text, you can vote twice with one ballot: once to support WikiLeaks, and once against a secret attack on access to essential medicines, the environment and Internet freedom.”

I’d add the alarming forced dependency on GM seeds and other products, but we could add screw jobs to the public interest and health of citizens all day.

The petition, again, is here.  Please note: You only pledge money for now; if Wikileaks delivers, the folks at Just Foreign Policy will contact you to remind you of your pledge along with information about how to make a donation to the organization.  No payment information is required.

Thank you Robert Naiman; you rock!


Every Tenner Helps!

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