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It’s a tough economy

But not for our nation’s “legitimate” serious people.

Niall Ferguson

So contrary to what Ferguson leads readers to believe, the CBO report does not state that the reduction is “unclear.” What is “unclear” is whether the reduction will come through greater efficiencies in healthcare delivery or reduced access to care.

So, one more time: The Oxford-trained, Harvard-employed, Newsweek contributor Niall Ferguson just edited the CBO report to change its meaning.

Mr. Ferguson, still employed by Harvard and Newsweek.

Dave Cantanese, the Politico employee who covers Todd Akin, tweeted this:


Not too busy to tweet excuses for his buddy, too busy to google.

Still Employed!!

Todd Akin and Paul Ryan.

Akin: I was talking about forcible rape. I used the wrong word…

Paul Ryan also co-sponsored HR 3, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion” bill in which Republicans tried to redefine rape so that it only applied to “forcible” rape

Again with trying to redefine and parse rape into a “forcible” kind and apparently the totally mutually consent kind of rape, which is still bad, because that is apparently unmarried sex — and that’s both today’s “shamed” person de jour and the Ayn Rand fetishist.

Not only still employed, but seeking a promotion.  But why should they stand out — in comparison to an entire Party?

Draft language for the 2012 Republican Party platform includes support for a constitutional ban on abortion without specifying exclusions in the cases of rape or incest, according to CNN.


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