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“Shut the fu*k up and vote Democrat!”

Preface: I wrote this awhile back.


I know hundreds of thousands of damn hard working Dems in WI are ticked and I am too.

And will remain ticked off  until we learn to “Shut the fu*k up and vote Democrat!”

Doya feel your bile rise? Doya get a little pissed? Course yado, your an American which means you don’t like being told what to do or think. Nobody likes stop signs either but we know that we need them so for the most part, we obey and are better off for it.  And we don’t like losing the games we play either.

Is there anyone here that doesn’t comprehend why disorganization leads to defeat against organized opposition?  The high explosive advertisement artillery the Repubs use will get much worse this fall.  We gotta get mean now!

Americans ( but particularly the Dems) have a fundamental disobedience gene, this rebel hard-headed mulishness within us; which means we’re not that easily trainable; your not ready to quit thinking and just do what a good trusting automated political soldier is supposed to do. The problem is, if you don’t suspend your instinctive intellectual freedom , you turn into a political coward, ya wanna save your own skin, runaway…. runaway….. runaway home to mama, flip a coin even to maintain some  screwy “independent party” European thinking on a two party American election-day battlefield.  We’re stuck in a two party fucked up system that needs to change, but it won’t happen incrementally by trying to grow a third or forth arm.  Face the facts that we either use it or loose ourselves within the matrix, there is no third option here.

Realism on election day, not idealism counts.  Idealism is wishful thinking when counting up whats going to happen next.

You want to play Chinese Checkers with three players?  Tough petutee, its American two players.  You don’t want to obey the political strategic stop sign that says “stop thinking, shut up and vote”, or even to recognize its validity. I suppose its so nice to be an independent;.. while your trained opposition, without intellectual scruples blows yur carefully constructed rationality to smithereens, you get to say that you really didn’t loose that one, the Dems did.  Friggen European wanabe imbeciles.  The Repricks don’t compromise nor take prisoners, they spend all that money to win; and we wonder whats been happening these last 30 years?….. look at the exit polled Dems that voted for Walker.

Those exit polls kill me.   See those Dems that voted for Walker?  There are your cowards who believed the onslaught of the media and ran.  If they hadn’t broken formation and run, Walkers history.  Now he’s a fricken posterchild because it takes two votes to make up for each turncoat with stupidity for scruples.  Sh*t, stay’n the hell home would be better.

So here we are,  limping off the WI battlefield, Repuke laughter in our ears, the perennially unsatisfied with our class struggle’s leadership. leading to intellectual divorce again; whilst our competition who knows when to shut up and get in line, saving their attitude for the next bitch session and stopping at the political stop sign that says ‘shut the fup and vote.’  They battle on election day as a unified force.  Whereas we want another party to join so we’ll feel better.  Everyone’s equality and individualism has got to stop at some point.  Its called teamwork.  You keep your own take and feelings of rights and aught to be’s as some principle to your ethical existentialism to yourself and play the two team game,  pick a side or stay home.

I’ve heard that dems will eventually come together,  ya,.. when the wolfs at the door, and their pocket are empty.  Then their existential truths will loose their meaning when reality sets in.  Hunger does that.  But by then we’ll have to learn how to kneel, to kowtow, to grovel like peons to Romney’s plutocrat horde to survive.  How doya say ‘Massa’.  But by then its too late.

When everyone is damned near starved, then maybe we’ll shut up and vote even for a rich guy whose trying to help; eg FDR.  Well that strategy won’t work today, Repubs won’t let us counterattack.  They’ve got us by our jugular and we don’t even know it.

Unions have been the people’s white knights these many years, tarnished yet still a force on the political battlefield.  We infantry, the people pawns, the masses, the laboring blue collar folks just tryin’ to make a livin’ types whose ranks, btw are rising with the middle class rejects. Those whose American dream bubble popped along with the real estate bubble, the white collar / blue collar transition shock takes a while to sink in to ones personal self esteem.  These rejects are beginning to realize that they are now one of the working stiffs.  They had been all along but dressed better and was in A/C, but you were LABOR, not some metaphysical middle class proletariate hoodwinked overtaxed something else.  The difference is they payed you a little more so you wouldn’t join the union and figure out that the rich just look at you the same, they just let you use the front door for a visit, instead of making you go around the back.


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