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Greetings former caturdenizens! This diary has been conceived as a weekly diary with rotating diarists in response to the loss of caturday, whose author has, alas, moved on to bigger and better (diners). So, to fill the void left by the great one, a few of his diehard fangirls got together and decided that it needed to be done. Of course one doesn’t have to be a fangirl to both enjoy reading and to take turns authoring, (volunteers encouraged to speak up), this attempt to fill a wonderful man’s shoes. So far myself and bgrothus have agreed to share the duties but I think the diary should reflect the great diversity represented by the readers of the former one. Please bear with me though. I don’t know anywhere near as much about our kitteh friends as the SouthernDragon knew but I will endeavor to get you a good answer if you have a question.

It’s been an interesting week here. Kuroneko has been bouncing off walls. Thursday she caught a mousie and then kept me awake half the night torturing the poor thing. Then Saturday morning I woke up to a cat looking very guilty indeed:
See the feather behind her? There were a whole lot more, (along with the remains of her gruesome breakfast) on the front porch. As soft and warm and cuddly as they are to us, never doubt that any house cat is only one opportunity away from ruthless hunter. On a sillier note, Kuroneko likes to help me make the bed:
Kneading holes in the sheets
And here she is this morning after a big rain storm standing in the puddle outside the door:
She loves her puddle
Her mouth is open a tiny bit because she’s meowing at me. I think she thought she was going to get scolded for standing in the puddle because last time, she brought her wet and muddy feet into my bed to show me.
Lion version of the security blanket
I don’t have the obligatory cute kitten pics cause I’m really new at this. I tried to post some but apparently I don’t know how. I was able to find a great montage set to an old classic though:

Hope you cat, (and dog), folks will stop by and share your cat tales with us.

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