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Is an Obama Presidency more likely to accomplish a corporate agenda than a Romney Presidency? Is Obama “the more effective evil”?

I personally feel that overall Barack Obama may be more effective in promoting and accomplishing a corporate agenda than Mitt Romney.  Why?

Before you immediately reject that thought, arguing that Mitt Romney would appoint a very conservative judge to the Supreme Court (which a Republican Congress would prevent anyway, given Obama’s history of caving), etc., please consider the following:

if Mitt Romney had been President these past four years and not Barack Obama, and had undertaken, proposed, or agreed to the Bush tax cuts; an egregious estate tax reduction; drone strikes on civilians; the “Grand Bargain” on cuts to social security, Medicare, Medicaid; the NDAA; a get-out-of-jail card for all banksters; Romneycare; reduction in the corporate income tax rate; TARP 2; etc., the American people may have taken to the streets in greater numbers than what has occurred thus far.

In a way, didn’t we–progressives, lefties, liberals, Democrats–give Barack Obama more slack than what we would have given a Republican President?  Does anyone recall Al Sharpton’s statement to Leslie Stahl that he would never criticize Barack Obama?

May I remind you how very successfully Bill Clinton pushed through NAFTA, welfare reform, and the deregulation of Wall Street, including the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the acceptance of derivatives?  Would George Bush have been that successful if he had defeated Clinton in 1992?  Isn’t the Democratic Party’s overall strategy basically putting a populist face on a corporate body?

Bill knew how to woo the voters:  “I feel your pain.”  Perhaps Barack learned much from his predecessor.

I hear many arguments predicated on voting for the lesser of two evils; however, which vote would constitute less evil in the long run, if such is your reasoning?

I am voting for an independent candidate so I am not advocating Romney over Obama or Obama over Romney.

But consider the impact that image, labeling, packaging, presentation–i.e., the messenger–has on the receptivity by the voter of one’s message.  Bottom line:  aren’t our two candidates largely creations of their corporate sponsors?  Haven’t they been vetted thoroughly for their suitability to deliver the appropriate message and script?  Do not Obama and Romney have speech/script writers?

I decided to write this blog post in response to the recent post, “I will vote in November.”  After reading that very relevant blog, I questioned whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney would be more successful in promoting a corporate agenda.

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