We’ll Go Rockin’ Around In NYC

I never did thank everyone who contributed tips and suggestions and such and such for the L&T Casey’s big move to Manhattan. She and mrs TBogg have been there since Tuesday and they have so far been to MoMA, the New Museum, the Natural History museum, visited Chelsea, sat in the bleachers at Yankee stadium, traveled on subways (having survived the sweltering humidity of the platform), been to Grand Central Station,  Ground Zero, gone shopping  in SoHo (see Casey’s photo above), eaten Italian and Ethiopian food, ordered Chinese food in, watched soccer in a bar, and have  been through a few torrential downpours necessitating buying umbrellas from a street corner vendor.

Also, Casey is already talking shit about Queens which, I guess, is one of the quaint native customs.

So, yeah, she’s adapting quite nicely.

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