Star Parker Kind Of Knows That Guy Who Got Shot The Other Day So You Should Probably Give Her Some Of Your Money

Star Parker is this lady who used to steal stuff and had four abortions and was on the welfare until one day Jesus talked to her and told her to “knock that shit off, and quit with your stealin’ and abortin’ and welfarin’ ways and get yourself a real job”.  And after Jesus talked to Star, well she quit doing two out of three of those things (which is cool because Jesus grades on a curve), and now she collects wingnut welfare for going on the TV and writing stupid shit in an attempt to shame people who are doing the exact same things she did when she was young, probably because they will also one day get a call or tweet from Jesus and then they’ll want want to do what Star does for a living and FUCK YOU, I was here first.

Anyway, the other day (8/15! Never forget!) a guard was wounded at the Family Research Council’s Great American  Hateplex by a guy who, were he a conservative would have been simply exercising his 2nd Amendment rights but he wasn’t so he’s probably a terrorist related to Nobama, and Star Parker knows the guard guy’s name so… won’t you give Star Parker some money?

From an email to me because we are on a first initial basis:

T — [that’s me]

When I got news that my friend Leo was shot in the arm while doing his job at the Family Research Council, my heart sank.
He is the security guard who did his job to protect lives from a left-wing lunatic. Thankfully, Leo is recovering from his wound.
There’s no doubt the left-winger — who was carrying 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack  while carrying a loaded gun into the lobby of a conservative organization — had intentions to kill.
Leo knew it. Leo put himself in danger, tackled the man and took the gun away from him. He stopped a potential bloodbath. The D.C. Chief of Police called him a hero.

Friend, Leo is a conservative. When interviewed by the media, he asked for his privacy and said he’s no hero, that he was just doing his job.
That’s the Leo I know and I’m so proud of him.
With Americans like Leo, America works.
But America is reaching a point where we no longer work — where we teach children that work is something the rich force the poor to do to make them rich.
We’ve destroyed the importance of work — the very thing that can make our nation prosper again — and replaced it with envy.
I know about this liberal lie when I lived on and off of welfare for seven years of my life.
Too many Americans believe they’re receiving their “fair share” in the form of a welfare check.
With sadness, more Americans are buying into this lie every day.
Right now 165 million people are in some way dependent on the government — that’s half of our entire country!
We can’t go on like this

….and here it comes:

T, the liberals will never be happy with only half the country under their thumb. So before our entire country is consumed by leftist ideology and fear, we must fight back right now, before it’s too late.
It’s time to stand up and let Americans know there is another path to freedom and prosperity. Will you help me?
Americans will listen. After all, I was once a single mother on welfare who never could have imagined my life today. My life changed when someone told me the truth about welfare. Now help me tell this truth to every American.

Will you follow this link and fund my urgent work with an immediate contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $2,500?

Since I was too busy doing other things (mostly laughing at Star’s laughable attempt to skim some of Tony Perkin’s FRC grift) I did not respond and, it appears, neither did many other people. And now Starr is getting antsy.

Today. In my email:

T — [me again]

Yesterday I sent you a message about my friend Leo Johnson. He’s the guard who was shot in the arm while tackling an armed left-wing lunatic at the Family Research Council’s offices. I hope you had a chance to read it and please continue your prayers for Leo, who is recovering.

This shooting is certainly a reminder of what I’ve been saying for last three years, that we are at critical crossroads similar to 1850s where we must decide who we will be: free or enslaved. We can no longer be both.
With help from supporters like you, I will not let fear distract me and still do my part as I travel into battleground states over the next two months to sell our message of freedom.

Here’s my plan:
For the next two months, I’ll be on the road. Your support sends me to the battleground to thwart the liberals’ plans to turn our nation into just another socialist state.

America is not just another nation. We are the exception. We are exceptional!

That’s why I’ll be in the colleges and the black churches where the message of capitalism and freedom is rarely heard.
But I’ll also be talking to conservatives who are in the wilderness and remind them what we’re fighting for. Because we are under assault. It’s time the silent majority speaks out!

But I need to know if you will continue your financial support to make my plan a reality. If so, please click and follow this link and contribute $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $5,000 right now.

Leo Johnson got shot.

Won’t you please send Star Parker to summer camp?

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