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Blabbermouth Spies Run Clumsy PsyOps Against “Leakers” And Other Truth Tellers

Yes, we honor their service and their sacrifice, of our military. We honor it until they use the Militarism to justify wars and oppress antiwar citizens. That is being done by OpSec. Opsec is a collection of Navy SEALS, Spies and other TeaBaggers whose mission is to Bring the Wars Home. The Military Occupations of Irak and Afghanistan get closer and closer to the Homeland. So I honor the WhistleBlowers and Truth Tellers.

There is a Secret Government, that keeps the wars going and the catapults the propaganda for the wars. We saw the Secret Government use the threat of Iraki nuclear weapons, with Yellow Cake, Uranium. This was a False Flag Op, to provide a pretext for war against Saddam Hussein. Ambassador Joe Wilson, “leaked” the truth, no yellow cake, no nuclear threat from Irak. He and Valerie Plame were targeted by the Secret Government.

OpSec is another “Black Op” to strengthen the power of the five million member secret government. They have gotten a million dollars from unidentified donors. One way or another that million dollars is paid for by taxpayers. It is bad enough that taxpayers have to pay for the war, but we have to pay for the war propaganda also.

OpSec has produced a slick video, “Dishonorable Disclosures”. It is mainly a political campaign video, attacking the President. This violates their tax status, 501-c-(4). So we taxpayers are subsidizing their campaign. OpSec should be prosecuted, but OpSec is a TeaBagger Group, related to ALEC. So they are above the law. ALEC, created by the Koch brothers, is a political action committee, violating the law, pretending to be a non-profit. Our Oligarchs are above the law. And our Assassin, torturer spies are especially above the law.

This gaggle of war profiteers is threatening anyone who questions the wars and the secrecy. But the biggest lie is the Global War Against Terror. Supposedly, “radical Islam” is the enemy. But Bin Laden was a CIA agent who may or may not have gone rogue. The CIA protected Bin Laden and the 9-11 hijackers. The CIA shut down FBI investigations and even the military’s Able Danger, which had identified some of the 9-11 hijackers, was mysteriously shut down.

The War On Terror is a fraud. Most of the “terror” has been created by the partnership between bankers and multinational corporations.

They and their corporate PuppetMasters cannot win their crummy wars, but they can bring the tools of espionage to use against the American people. They targeted President Obama, who is almost as much a warmonger as they are. Obama has also protected the corruption and crimes and False Flag Ops of the “Intelligence Community”. But that is not enough for the racist TeaBaggers of OpSec. Incidentally, the Trailblazer Group, has given office space to OpSec. Trailblazer is a Republican PR group that is organizing the Republican Convention.

I encourage people to watch “Dishonorable Disclosures”. It is a hoot. Several of the leaders of OpSec are gabby Blabbermouths about National Security, and also revealed classified info. That will get people killed!

We can start with the “Chairman” of OpSec, former SEAL Scott Taylor. Taylor ran for Congress as a Republican. He is articulate and and served in Irak. But he did not win that war. He has a new war to fight, against truth and the American people.

I believe that a ten year old would be able to understand. That if we disclose how we got there, how we took down the building, what we did, how many people were there, that its going to hinder future operations, and certainly hurt the success of those future missions.

That same ten year old would be able to understand quite a bit about Seal Team Six and the Bin Laden raid, if he or she watched the Discovery Tee Vee special. Taylor is featured prominently in “Secrets of SEAL Team 6”, where he talks about the secrets of SEAL Team Six. He discloses quite a bit of possible classified information, such as the Stealth technology of the invading helicopters.

Another OpSec former SEAL is Benjamin Smith, not the Ben Smith of BuzzFeed. Smith has been on Fox news frequently and he did reveal that Rangers, were part of the Bin Laden raid. In one interview, Smith said,

There was Rangers. There was the 160th. There was all the American Military Intelligence Services.

Was the “160th” in the Bin Laden raid? Or is that classified? It is interesting that he mentions Military, but not civilian “Intelligence”. Perhaps the civilian CIA would have warned their double agent Bin Laden, about the raid.

These TeaBaggers are angry. They were especially angry when the President announced the death of Bin Laden. One possibly retroactively retired CIA agent says, about the announcement,

That was kind of infuriating to a lot of folks.

It was infuriating that this President diid order the killing of Bin Laden. Obviously, it threatens to end the War on Terror and diminish the profits of the Terror Profiteers at the CIA. Benjamin Smith thinks that the President was claiming he did build it alone (the Bin Laden raid) and that is wrong. Mr. President, you did not build it alone!

Mr. President, you did not kill Osama Bin Laden! America did!

The work that the American Military has done, killed Osama Bin Laden! You did not!

Give the Military credit, give the American people credit if you must. From the previous Youtube clip, we again quote Smith about the raid.

Just chalk it up to American Exceptionalism.

It required ten years and billions of dollars before the Military ended the life of the Saudi Hedge Fund and Terror Manager. That is exceptional.

And Smith is a TeaBagger in good standing. He intends to destroy his “domestic enemies”, which is anyone who tells the truth.

Former Navy SEAL, Benjamin Smith, continues to keep his word and now defends the Constitution from domestic enemies who subvert the Constitution for their own political ends.

Smith was a friend and bodyguard for wingnut media icon, Andrew Breitbart, before Breitbart was killed with a secret nano heart attack drone.

His latest projects shined a bright light on the people and happenings behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, from Soros to the Communist Party, to extremists connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, which includes Anthony Weiner and his wife. These were all stories Andrew helped get needed attention.

One OpSec goon is not a blabber mouth. But Chad Kolton is a professional liar, who has profited greatly from lies. He served as the Spokesliar for the Director of Intelligence. He seems to be highly embedded in the secret world. And his war propaganda business HDMK with secret contracts, is a likely source to launder taxpayer money to OpSec.

In the private sector, Kolton has provided strategic communications counsel for corporate, political and government clients, including developing strategic public relations and crisis communications plans, reorganizing communications departments and providing comprehensive media relations support. His work encompassed a broad range of issues, including international affairs, homeland security, trade, energy and regulatory oversight.

Kolton began his career on Capitol Hill as deputy press secretary for the House Republican Conference under its then-Chair, U.S. Representative John Boehner (R-OH), the current speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

There is one genuine, spymaster in “Dishonorable Disclosures”. His participation proves OpSec is just another front for repression by the Military-Espionage-Terror Complex. “Former” CIA Spy Frederick Rustmann has a company, CTC International Group is an obvious CIA “Front”. Its website practically admits that it is a CIA front.They even have a high ranking KGB agent at CTC, who I am sure is retroactively retired.

Our extensive web of high level international contacts and knowledge of cultures and business climates allows us to provide clients with important information on how to accomplish business goals in foreign countries and to introduce clients to the important members in government and business circles. Additionally, our unique abilities and contacts also allow us to provide special operational support to our clients on an as-needed basis.

Rustmann is a blabbermouth. He wrote a book that the CIA allowed to be published. The CIA never allows books by “former” employees, unless it supports the wars.

His recent book, CIA, Inc.: Espionage and the Craft of Business Intelligence, explores the major aspects of business intelligence, including competitor intelligence, risk analysis, business and market analysis, counterintelligence, background investigations, due diligence, and security surveys. Mr. Rustmann employs his many years of experience and knowledge as a CIA operations officer to clearly apply the CIA’s methodology in a business environment.

Rustman shoots his mouth off for Opsec. Rustmann does not get it, the leaking. He does not come from that culture. He comes from a culture of lies, deception and delusion. Rustmann blames the President, for the imprisonment of the Pakistani doctor used by the CIA. And it is terrible

What was done was stupid. But it was more than stupid because it was done with malice of forethought. It was done for a political purpose. And that’s what I find terrible…

I don’t get it. I don’t come from that culture. I’m not a political guy. I don’t come from that culture.I don’t see why anyone would purposely put lives in jeopardy.

It is terrible and Rustmann was stupid for saying this. But Dick Cheney put Valerie Plame’s life in danger and Rustmann helped him.

Rustmann is a Special Operator in the sense that OpSec is Espionage Kabuki, same as the Valerie Plame Kabuki. And Rustmann is a liar and a criminal and like the “Intelligence Community”, is committing more crimes. I say “more” crime”, because Rustmann was part of the Conspiracy to destroy the Wilsons and use Yelowcake uranium as a reason for war. Rustmann is a war criminal. Plus, Rustmann revealed classified secrets.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, blabbermouth Rustmann wages a PsyOp against the Wilsons. His OpSec Conspiracy is more of the same, lies and damn lies. From 2005,

RUSTMANN: Well, Valerie went through the — came in as a career trainee into the agency and then went through the training program down at the Farm. And I was her first supervisor when she actually had a real job at headquarters. And she worked for me there for about a year. She was super. She was great…

Well, she came in and she was undercover, yes, as all of the new CTs do when they come into the agency. And it was probably — well, it was definitely an official cover status which she retained and then worked at the headquarters under that official cover status. And then went overseas with that same status…

I do know that her cover began to erode the moment she started dating Joe Wilson. The thing that I said was that, you know, when you walk like a duck, and quack like a duck, and look like a duck, you’re probably a duck…

I don’t think that there was a political motivation. I think it was more of a family motivation. I think that the decision to send Joe Wilson to Niger was stupid. It shouldn’t have been — that decision shouldn’t have been taken. You don’t send a diplomat to a sensitive place to obtain sensitive information. You send a spook. They could have found…

It was a light non-official cover. There was, you know, a phone. There was very little backstopping to that company. It wasn’t like she was working for a major multi-national American company or foreign company where there could be some severe blowback if that were to come to…

There are no major repercussions to the cover mechanism, no. To her — the question again gets down to whether somebody did this with malice or forethought. Then it’s a crime, and that person goes to jail.

How many secrets can you count? But it is not just telling classified secrets. This pack of lies was catapulted to maintain the Yellowcake threat that was the excuse for war. Rustmann is a war criminal, because he catapulted the Yellowcake conspiracy for war. The exposing of Valerie Plame was just a minor thing to this goon then, when it helped his war profiteering. But “leaks” about the corruption and crimes and failures of these neo-con pigs is now “terrible”.

Rustmann gets all emotional about the Pakistani Doctor, who was part of a phony CIA vaccination program. The physician, not named by Rustmann, is Shakil Afridi. Although Rustmann blames Obama, there is no evidence how Afridi’s connection to the CIA was discovered by Pakistan. Perhaps, Rustmann should criticize our always helpful ally Pakistan. Or Rustmann could blame the CIA’s fake vaccination program.

Also, none of these Swift Boaters, mentioned that Pakistan had been sheltering Bin Laden for years. That was the reason for the Afghan war, Bin Laden was protected in Afghanistan. Then he was protected in Pakistan.

We can expect more COINTELPRO from this gang of war clowns. Everything in the US National Security State, is secret, including corruption and crimes. OpSec is protecting that corruption. The Swift Boat Campaign was successful because it was not challenged. Swift Boat 2.0, OpSec, is another assault against antiwar citizens, who are the true patriots.

To you Fascist Stormtroopers of OpSec. Bring it on.

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