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In remarks at a campaign stop in Chillicothe, Ohio, this week, Mittens the Magic Caucasian criticized President Obama’s campaign tactics saying, “This is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like.”

Mittens took offense at some of what he sees as low blows by the Obama campaign. Granted, the “Romney-killed-my-wife” advertisement is a bit harsh. In fairness, Mittens did not give that woman cancer personally, and he didn’t hold a pillow over her face until she stopped breathing.

I say the ad was harsh, but I would have run it. There is a ripple effect from closing down businesses and leaving people to get by on savings and their wits. That guy blames Mittens for the loss of his wife. Other folks blame Mittens for losing their homes…this guy made millions of dollars by inflicting misery on other people…buckle up, Mittens, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

If you are going to start whining this early, you’ll be crying like someone that lost their house because Bain Capital closed their factory way before the election.

Mittens didn’t like it when Vice President Biden turned Mittens’ comments about unshackling Wall Street right back in his face by saying that Mittens wants to unchain Wall Street and put us back in chains. Mittens said that was race-baiting.

That’s an awful thing for a representative of the “food stamp President” to do. That should never happen in our “entitlement society.” You know what, Mittens…screw you!

President Obama’s Press Secretary called Mittens’ comments “unhinged.” I agree, but then I think the other side is all unhinged. I think they are out of their minds with anger and hate because a Black man is President of the United States.

“Oh, Bill, it’s not that he’s Black,” my anti-Obama acquaintances say. “He’s a Marxist. He’s a Socialist. He hates America. He hates rich people. He wants to turn us into a third-world country. He is spending us into the poor house. He wants to redistribute the wealth. He wants lazy people to get our hard-earned money…blah, blah, blah.”

I hope they know that is all bullshit. If you really wanted to ruin America, becoming President is a really stupid way to go about it. If Barack Obama wins in November, he will be done with his turn at the helm in January of 2017. If you wanted to change the fundamentals of our society, you’d need to buy Congress…OOPS!

Here’s a question…if cutting federal spending is so important, why did Dubya and the Republicans go through the budget surplus they inherited from Bill Clinton like drunken sailors on shore leave in Whoretown?

If deficit spending is so bad, why did Dubya and the Republicans think it was just a peachy thing to do to finance their little wars in Iran and Afghanistan?

If the individual mandate was such an unconstitutional overreach of power, why did the Republicans think it was the best way to go during the Clinton administration?

If giving rich people more of their money to spend is great for job growth, why didn’t the Dubya tax cuts create job growth?

If “Drill Baby, Drill” is the answer to our energy future, why don’t the Republicans acknowledge the INCREASE in domestic oil production that has taken place in the first Obama term?

I could go on and on with these, but I think all the reasons that anti-Obama people give for their opinions have been manufactured for them by those same Wealthy White Guys I spoke about last week. They are petrified that the brown will inherit the country so they make reasons to hate President Obama that make folks feel they aren’t racist.

President Obama did not live up to all of my expectations. He has completely dropped the ball when it comes to letting our foreign wars drag on and on. I wanted single-payer health care. I wanted early and strong support for Gay civil rights. I wanted alternative energy initiatives on an Apollo Project scale. I wanted the clamps put on Wall Street.

Oh, well, maybe next term.

When I imagine the America of Mittens and his little buddy Paulie, I become unhinged.

In that America, the rich get richer while the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the elderly, the homeless, and the disenfranchised can all go fuck themselves.

That’s just not the place in which I was born. My Mom said we were a great country. She said anybody could do anything if they got a little help and they weren’t afraid of hard work.

The Romney/Ryan America pretty much takes a ball bat to that notion and replaces it with, “If you can’t keep up on your own, get the fuck out of the way.”

In such an America, the “unproductive” are lazy and only want “other people’s money.” Oh, and they are unproductive because they don’t believe in “old-fashioned American values” and they were born in Kenya.

Unhinged, indeed.

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