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McCain Veep Advice: Dump Biden

He would know. (photo: NewsHour ./ flickr)

The performance artist formerly known as Ace McCain has reached new heights in his dizzying continued efforts to inject himself into any available news story — with increasing lack of self-awareness. Seemingly oblivious to Americans’ reaction when the words “McCain” and “Vice-Presidential running mate” appear in a news story together, the Arizona Gluehorse now has advice for the president about his Veep:

John McCain said Wednesday he thinks “it might be wise” for President Barack Obama to replace Vice President Joe Biden on the ticket with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“I think it might be wise to do that,” Sen. McCain (R-Ariz.) said on Fox News, responding to a suggestion that Sarah Palin made on Tuesday night.

Stop laughing, y’all.

One can only hope, I suppose, that David Gregory might be able to snag the elusive McCain for a discussion this coming Sunday on how, exactly, he applied this wisdom four years ago when there were stars in his old man’s eyes over Palin. But Ace is very tough to book for “Meet the Press” and the other Sunday gasbag programs.

So we may never know.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge