('OBomba' by Anthony Freda, via wendydavis @flickr.com)

Has the power-point presentation in the White House situation room concluded, or is it still in progress as you read?  Will you picture which two dozen representatives of the military, CIA, NSA, or FU-A are present as the mug shot slides hit the big screen?

Are they drinking coffee, smoking cigars as they read aloud the damning information against each ‘terrorist’ on the President’s Kill List?  Or do they engage in some pantomime of civility, sitting at attention, with expressions of concern and gravitas on their lying sociopathic faces?  Donilon, Brennan…oh, never mind.  You may not want to have them in your heads; I can’t blame you a bit.

Has the list grown by now, so that the meetings take longer?  Of course it has.  Are the two teenagers still on it, especially the seventeen-year-old girl who’s said to look even younger?  Do OBomba’s advisors individually make pitches for their Targets of Choice?

The May puff piece the Times did on the Terror Tuesday program said it really tested the President’s principles.  Oh: and the writers did mention it tested his will, too, in that he was resolved to kill anyone who might execute a terrorist plot that would delay his Presidency…

So, damn; Our President has manned up, and chosen the tough role of choosing whether or not to put the drone-finger on some person deemed to be dangerous, but especially the ones who are not alone, and might be attending funerals, rescuing other dead killed by his drones.  That must mean they are sometimes also watching real-time satellite images of their potential targets.

Apparently the President chooses about a third of the targets, the CIA the rest, including the suspected ‘terrorists’, ‘militants’ engaged in activities covered by ‘signature strike’ protocols, in which some group of people in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, etc. just look like they’re up to no good., whether walking in a suspicious fashion, doing jumping jacks in a line, carrying rifles, things like that.  Brennan defends the accidental deaths in ‘signature strikes’ by saying that it discourages people from assembling in groups, thereby limiting their potential to do harm.  Sounds like DHS’s rationalization for shutting down Occupys all over the nation, doesn’t it?  ‘Preventive Assembling’.

The writers at the Times actually call it ‘a moral calculation’ Obama chooses for himself; oh, the poor man.  Just think: on Tuesday nights he has to go into his daughters’ rooms to read them bedtime stories, say goodnight, or share their day’s happenings at dinner with all that blood on his hands.  Personally.  Say a prayer for him and his immortal soul, if you will, the authors might have written: his burdens are great, and they are difficult.

Remember, too; Our President has told us that any male of military age in those nations are terrorists…unless they can prove once they’re dead…that they were…innocent before killed.  Whoosh.

Women, children, innocents; so many…so many…  Maybe even some folks who harbor dark designs on us; God knows I would, were I they.  And they even know it’s the greatest militant recruiting tool in their arsenals.  It makes you wonder what it’s all about.

So goodbye, next victims, and Godspeed.  We are so sorry we haven’t stopped these incalculably twisted murders, nor the torture renditions that haven’t really stopped, but have just been re-defined by Our Beleaguered and Brave President.  Even the New York Times tells us so.  ‘All the news that’s fit to print’…if you can stomach reading it.

To your families, friends, playmates…there simply are no words that might bring you comfort, so for now, we’ll hold you in our hearts, and speed you on your way to the Light and Love.  Allah be with you. ???? ???

* Prayer does not, imo, require belief in a deity.