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Initial Reactions to Ryan Pick Are Weak

We now have some early polling about how voters react to Mitt Romney choosing Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, and these initial results are not great for the Romney campaign. According to Gallup, the Ryan pick has received among the least positive responses of any VP pick in modern history. From Gallup:

Americans' Immediate Reaction to Vice-Presidential Picks

There is very little positive excitement (beyond likely partisan support) about the pick and a relatively large number who think it was a poor or only fair decision.

At least part of this is probably due to the fact that Ryan is basically unknown at a national level. The poll found 25 percent have a favorable view of him and only 17 percent have a unfavorable view of him, but most importantly 58 percent say they have never heard of him. That means both sides have a big opportunity to try to define him in the coming weeks.

If the Romney campaign was hoping to get an immediate bump out of announcing Ryan, they are probably going to be disappointed. It seems unlikely that picking a relatively unknown running mate is going to do much to improve Romney’s rather poor standing in the national polls. At least, though, making this selection now got the media to stop talking about Mitt’s bad poll numbers for a few days.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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