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What History Means

Knowing History is the only way to protect yourself from manipulation and exploitation and brainwashing by the mass media, the school system, and authority figures in general.  This also includes the 2 sociopathic political parties in the US.  In simple terms, knowing and understanding history allows you to understand the system.  How do things work?  Why do they work this way?  How do you know when you’re being lied to?  The answer: knowing history.  I will try to expose the truth through explaining and utilizing history and informed knowledge of these issues.

The issues which are most important to me are: Palestine, getting money and lobbying out of politics, immigrant rights, environmental sustainability and anti-racism and anti-fascism and anti any kind of hate.  I have what you could consider a European radical left perspective on things, and I hope I can shed some light on today’s issues from a different more interesting perspective.

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