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Sunday Talking Heads: August 12, 2012

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No surprise that it’s all the Paul Ryan VP pick story today, you even get John McCain to discuss the brilliant play of VP picking.

There’s even a bit of drought talk on Newsmakers.

Join in the conversation at FDL’s Book Salon this afternoon – Sabatoge: How the Republican Party Crippled America’s Economic Recovery – just in time for the Republican VP pick. Marcy’s Virtually Speaking with Avedon Carol. And tomorrow for FDL”s Movie Night, it’s the glam of glam rock – Jobriath A.D.

Don’t forget – Perseids tonight.

Washington Journal.

ABC’s This Week:  Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty on the Paul Ryan pick. Roundtable: Cokie Roberts, former Vermont Governor and founder of Democracy for America Howard Dean, Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot, California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, host of Current TV’s “The Gavin Newsom Show,” Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan.

CBS’ Face the Nation: Senior Advisor to the Romney Campaign Eric Fehrnstrom and Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter on the Paul Ryan pick.  Newt GingrichRoundtable: The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, The Week’s Bob Shrum, The Daily Beast’s David Frum, The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson, Politico’s Roger Simon.

Chris Hayes:  Olympics.

Chris Matthews:  Olympics.

CNN’s State of the Union:  Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod and Ed Gillespie on the Ryan pick. Sen. John Thune (R-SD).

Fareed Zakaria – GPS:  SUSPENDED.

Fox News Sunday: John Roberts hosts. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on the Ryan pick. Then, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). Roundtable: Chris Saltsman, Erin McPike, Liz Cheney, David Drucker.

Moyers & Company:  Encore: Between Two Worlds — Life on the Border.  Storyteller Luis Alberto Urrea talks with Bill about crossing borders of all kinds.

NBC’s Meet the Press:  Olympics. RNC Chair Reince Priebus and Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)Roundtable: Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, Rich Lowry, Dan Balz.

Newsmakers:  Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack talks about the impact of the drought on farm lands in 32 states. Secretary Vilsack also discusses the impact of the drought on food prices for U.S. consumers, the Obama Administration’s response on disaster aid for farmers and ranchers, and the future of the Farm Bill that was recently passed by the Senate but awaiting action in the House of Representatives. Reporters: Ron Nixon, Washington Correspondent for the New York Times, and Alan Bjerga, Agriculture Policy Reporter for Bloomberg News.

Q & A:  Andrew Nagorski discussing his new historical narrative “Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power.” Nagorski recounts the stories of American journalists and diplomats who were in Berlin prior to Adolf Hitler taking power…

Religion & Ethics.

60 Minutes:  Trapped in Unemployment – As the number of Americans without work for a year or two rises into the millions, Scott Pelley reports on a program designed to help the long-term unemployed back into the workplace. The Flavorists – Meet the scientists behind the real and artificial flavors that make foods and beverages so tasty. Morley Safer reports on this fascinating industry that food manufacturers’ depend on, but which critics say make some people dependent on less-than-healthy food choices. Joy in the Congo – The Congo’s Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra grew from one man’s dream to 200 musicians and vocalists providing joy to the mostly poor, bleak capital of Kinshasa. It’s now the only symphony orchestra in Central Africa and the only all-black one in the world. Bob Simon reports.

To the Contrary:  Panelists discuss whether women’s health is a winning issue this election year as women heat up the campaign trail. Then, we turn to a new study that shows having female managers may not help women employees get ahead. And, Behind the Headlines: Jennifer Garner. The star of “The Odd Life Of Timothy Green” talks about the movie and her work with Save the Children.

Univision’s Al Punto: Sen. Robert Menéndez (D-NJ); Clarissa Martínez De Castro, Director of Immigration and National Campaigns, National Council of La Raza; Daniel Alvarez, Professor, Religious Studies at Florida International University; Dr. Víctor Moreno, NASA Power Systems Engineer, Mars Science Laboratory.

Virtually Speaking:  Marcy Wheeler (@emptywheel) and Avedon Carol (@Avedon_Says ) discuss developments of the week. Also featuring Culture of Truth’s weekly commentary on the Sunday News Shows: The Most Ridiculous Thing that happened this Sunday, 9pm ET.

C-SPAN’s Book TV.

FDL’s Book Salon:  Sabatoge: How the Republican Party Crippled America’s Economic Recovery. “In this important election-year book, Daniel Altman, author of “Neoconomy: George Bush’s Revolutionary Gamble With America’s Future”, reveals how the Republican Party sabotaged America’s recovery in the aftermath of its worst downturn in decades. Altman traces the Republican’s actions and rhetoric from the moment they took control of the House of Representatives in the election of 2010. At every opportunity, they thwarted policies that could have helped the economy to regain its strength. They even tried to stop the Federal Reserve from stepping in to act where Congress had not. All of their actions served to advance one goal: the defeat of President Barack Obama in the election of 2012.” Chat with Daniel Altman about his new book, hosted by Maureen Tkacik, 5pm ET.

FDL’s Movie Night Monday: Jobriath A.D. “Known as the first openly gay rock star, Jobriath’s legacy delves deeper than the labels hung upon him. His reign was brief—two years and two albums. Sabotaged by a publicity machine run amok, shunned by the gay community and dismissed by critics, Jobriath was excommunicated from the music business, and became an early casualty of AIDS. Through interviews, archival material and animation, experience the heartbreaking, unbelievable story of the one, the only, Jobriath.” Come join host Lisa Derrick and her guests for the discussion, Monday 8pm ET.

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