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Sunday Late Night: Mockery, Shaming and Illustrating Utter Hypocrisy Do Not Equal Gloating Over Unelectability

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Far from it. But I want to comfort some friends of mine who expressed understandable concern about the immediate and widespread reaction to Paul Ryan’s elevation from Greatest GOP Congressional Thinker to Chancellor for Domestic Programs in the potential Romney Administration. That mockery, laughter, shaming Ryan over his ‘philosophical underpinnings,’ and illustrating his utter hypocrisy was far-flung. At the same time, though, friends counseled, “Be careful, caution is required, don’t take anything for granted, remember these people have an entire media hellscape in their pocket!”

And those friends are right.

Paul Ryan’s devotion to the “Virtue of Selfishness” has drawn nuns to his Congressional district who follow him around in a bus to shame him, even though the nuns’ newly sworn enemies, the Bishops (arch and otherwise) will still likely double-down on their forced birth alliance with the GOP. But we mustn’t expect our Elite Media to tell people this.

Paul Ryan’s required reading for new employees is by an atheist Russian emigre‘ and eventual Social Security recipient whose sorry cant is based on her admiration of the single-minded purposefulness of a serial killer who dismembered young girls. But we cannot hope that the American people will ever hear this and thus turn away from Ayn Rand admirers in disgust.

No entry in Paul Ryan’s entire resume qualifies to be described as a ‘job’ by his running mate, and Ryan’s deficit in executive experience would fairly make Mitt Romney label him unfit for the Presidency. But these comparisons to Mitt’s claims about Obama’s “inexperience” will never surface in any fall debate.

Although we’re engaged in three — or five — wars, the complete lack of foreign policy or national security experience by either member of the GOP ticket has gone largely unremarked by America’s Elite Media because, maybe, dead Osama bin Laden? I don’t know why. But you can bet that the American people aren’t going to hear about it from Villagers enamored of Paul Ryan.

I didn’t mock and hoot and holler and clap because I believe Mitt Romney became easier to defeat for the presidency after he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. I applauded and started listing things like the above so everyone would have resources. Resources to share with others who need to know how dangerous a Romney/Ryan administration will be for women, for young people, for students, for children, for women, for the poor, for Olds, for near-Olds, for someday-to-be-Olds, for women, for innocents in foreign lands, for our allies abroad, for our enemies foreign and domestic, for African-Americans, for Muslim-Americans, for LGBT Americans, for all Americans, and for women.

We need to make sure everyone knows how dreadful and ludicrous and laughable and hypocritical this choice is, because Elite Media have already begun sucking at the sweet Romney Campaign teat for their “news items” and reprinting them dutifully. If you know women who aren’t registered to vote, help them register and help them obtain the Approved Documents needed to vote where they live. If you hear people rave about the BOLD choice, which seems to be the media’s preferred word for Mitt’s decision, remind them that the choice was provoked by Bill Kristol and the rest of the never-correct conservative establishment, who picked the last GOP Veep candidate as well. (And also engaged us in a war based on lies in a country that never attacked us).

Acquaint yourself with the absurdity of Paul Ryan as Vice President; remind folks that he doesn’t even have the confidence in his own ticket, since he’s also running for re-election to the House (we call that “pulling a Lieberman” in Veep-selection-commentary circles). Remind people how his own caucus and leadership backed away from his granny-killing “Path to Prosperity,” and then turned right around and passed it. Similarly, show people how Mitt is now creating faux-distance between himself and his running-mate’s Death Panels just since choosing him. But as before, it’s fake, too. The Ryan plan is the Romney plan.

Just because we laugh and hoot and holler about Mitt being directed to pick Paul Ryan doesn’t mean they’ll be easier to beat. Just because we know what an awful choice Paul Ryan is doesn’t mean Elite Media isn’t swooning at the pick. Just because we’ve got one thing after another to get out there about how awful Paul Ryan’s policies are doesn’t mean any one of us can shirk our responsibility to alert people to his awfulness.

Don’t assume people know what to expect from Paul Ryan.
If they consume mainstream American media, they won’t. Here’s what to expect:

No more Medicare.
No more Medicaid.
Privatized (vampire-squid-administered) Social Security.
No more Unemployment Compensation, parasites.

No more Mars Curiosity Rover program.
No more space exploration.
No more public television.
No more public radio, or National Endowment for the Arts or Humanities.

No more public health funding.
No more volcano monitoring.
No more tsunami warning network.

No more Weather Service, converted to a privatized, for-pay system.
No more Planned Parenthood.
No more Environmental Protection Agency.

And that’s just some of the domestic stuff.

Is everyone you know aware of this? Is everyone you know registered to vote? Is everyone aware of the stakes? We’ve got three SCOTUS justices over 80 and Planned Parenthood to protect. Isn’t that enough reason to stop these pirates?

Remember, Grover Norquist said that all they really need now is someone in the White House with enough digits to hold the pen to sign the bills this radical House passes. And Paul Ryan will be in charge of getting the House in line, cracking the whip to re-pass all their radical conservative bills again.

This election got a lot more important on Saturday morning because Paul Ryan.

Mitt Romney realized he maybe can’t beat Barack Obama on the economy and likeability, so he’s agreed with the Pete Petersons and Simpson/Bowles and Koch Brothers of the world to make the entire campaign an education/propaganda effort to cement the notion that the worst-off Americans are somehow responsible for the shape our economy is in, and that they need to be punished by having stuff taken away.

And that the “Producers,” Ayn Rand’s “Makers” need even more incentive to grow, grow, grow their own wealth by taxing them even less than the historically low levels at which they are taxed now.

We need to make every effort we can — through independent organizations, petitions, marches, strikes, organized efforts — to make the politicians on the Democratic ticket from top to bottom pledge to protect, not reform, our paid-for retirement benefits. We need to push them to show a tough, clear contrast between the parties. We must ask for pledges. We must get them written down. We must organize, educate, illustrate, and prosletyze.

Because the stakes changed on Saturday. The laughter you heard wasn’t confidence and it wasn’t whistling by the graveyard, either. It was simply astonishment that the GOP actually thinks they can pull this off: stealing the commons, what’s left of it, and hoovering the remaining wealth upwards. Thieving us until we’re blind. Sure, we laughed and mocked and hooted. But that’s because we know only loud, explosive laughter and mockery can get through the huge media wall of BOLD and COURAGEOUS in order to reach people, one-on-one, in our communities, our workplaces, our sidewalks, our organizations, and our Internets.

We’ve got to stop these people. Their philosophy is based in murderous sociopathy and they are hell-bent on stealing what’s left of the American dream.

Let’s roll.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge