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It’s Romneyhood and Little Ryan! Didn’t the GOP learn anything from 2008?!

Romneyhood and Little Ryan

I heard of Hail Mary passes, but one would have thought that after that desperate pick in 2008, that the Republicans would have learned better. I guess stupid is, stupid does, and stupid does again.

I officially declare this election over. There is absolutely no way Obama can lose now, not with Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate. True, Ryan solidifies his base, but did anyone actually think that Romney’s base would have voted for Obama anyway? A base that still denies the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate and insists he is a Muslim, communist, socialist, and Hugo Chavez’s twin! So did Romney really have to reach way, way out to the extreme right to solidify these children of Rush Limbaugh and Michele Malkin? Isn’t that like going to confession on the hour every hour?

What Romney did in choosing the “Romney Youth” is concede the independent vote. True, many of us Independent voters are disenchanted with Obama’s failed promises and performance on the economy, but would we vote for a Paul Ryan as the heir to the Presidency? Imagine Paul Ryan as President. Now imagine Eddie Munster as President. See what I mean?

Democrats are already popping their champagne bottles and singing happy days are here again. And rightfully so. The Democrats will paint Ryan as the Grinch who stole social security and as Little Ryan with Romneyhood, who steal from the middle class to give to the rich.

Game over, folks. So go ahead, Republican voters, celebrate now, and celebrate hard right up until the first Tuesday of November because after then, you will be wondering, why did we did we lose the election and what did we do wrong again? With Paul Ryan as the next in line to the Presidency, it is enough to scare anyone with half a brain out of their wits. And its fallout will not only guarantee Obama’s victory for the Presidency but it also will cost Republicans their filibustering minority in the Senate, and their majority in the House. Folks, I predict an absolute bloodbath in November. You heard it here first.

But die-hard, delusional Republicans still may insist Ryan was the right pick! Okay, then consider the polls: even Fox News shows Obama widening his lead, up by 9 points over Romney. But this gap will widen even more after the Democrats start pouncing on all those passages in Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” , a publication that even Newt Gingrich termed “right-wing social engineering”, a reference to that pseudo-science developed and implemented by the Nazis across Europe and Asia, determining how people live if they were fortunate enough to live at all. This characterization from a former Republican leader of the House?! Can you imagine what the Democrats will do with Ryan’s “Mein Kampf”?! If I were Jim Messina, I would sharpen up my Swiss army knife in order to carve swastikas on Ryan’s forehead until the election!

What is inconceivable to me is that after Romney was pushed so far to the right during the primary, instead of trying to shift back over to the center to gain some middle ground for the independent vote, Mitt went and picked someone who even makes Palin look like a liberal! Wow, that takes either guts or utter stupidity, and I strongly suspect the latter.

How sad Mitt chose Ryan. I was looking forward to a challenging campaign this year; however, with this pick, I guess NASCAR reruns will even be more exciting to watch and follow now than this election race.

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