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Bibi: Iran Threat Dwarfs All Others

On Sunday, the Iran rhetoric continued to be ramped up by Bibi and Barak, from the AP… Israeli premier: Iran threat dwarfs all others

As Reuters reported it… Iran steps up nuclear warhead work, Israel media report.

Laura Rozen hints at where Barak possibly received his ‘intel’ from…

US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran is from 2010, experts say

However, “carrying on scattered research activities does not amount to a full-fledged restart of an integrated weapons program,” Greg Thielmann, a former US intelligence analyst and senior fellow at the Arms Control Association, wrote in an ACA Iran Nuclear Threat Assessment brief (.pdf).

“As open source reporting indicates, the last NIE confirmed the 2007 finding that 1. the structured weaponization work stopped in 2003 (although some relevant activities continued, and 2. Khamenei had not yet made the final political decision to go for a bomb,” a former U.S. official told Al-Monitor Friday.

“We believe that there is time and space to continue to pursue a diplomatic path, backed by growing international pressure on the Iranian government,” a National Security Council spokesman told Reuters’ Mark Hosenball Thursday. “We continue to assess that Iran is not on the verge of achieving a nuclear weapon.

As many are noting, it is primarily Bibi and Barak pushing the Iran rhetoric…

Olmert: Netanyahu ‘Irresponsible’ on Iran

Former prime minister: “No reason to get uptight” over Iran; blames government for causing panic…

“There is no reason to get uptight,” he said in a panel at the Ono Academic College, “certainly not in the immediate range. Iran has still not drawn near to that threshold that would force us to reassess the situation. I think it is not right and not responsible to act in a way that blatantly ignores the interests of additional bodies, among them those of the greatest friend that Israel has.”

Olmert was referring, of course to the United States, which opposes an Israeli strike.

He blamed senior members of the government and Knesset of “blabbing” too much about a planned strike and named Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak as people causing “fear and discomfort” in the Israeli populace by talking too much.

Ironically, Bibi and Barak are paying the price for their war-mongering…

Majority of Israelis oppose strike on Iran

46% say that Israel should not attack Tehran’s nuclear plants; support for prime minister drops to 34% from 46% three months ago…

The survey results were published amid heightened debate among senior policy officials about the necessity of a military strike to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have made increasingly vociferous statements about the urgent imperative to stop Iran.

The poll also showed that Israeli support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has waned in the past three months. According to the poll, only 34% expressed satisfaction with the prime minister, as opposed to 58% who said that they are dissatisfied. The remaining 8% responded that they did not know. A similar survey conducted in May found that 46% were satisfied with the prime minister’s performance.

The same survey found Israelis prefer Mitt Romney to Barack Obama as the next US president, by 34% to 31%…

Once again, the intrepid, Richard Silverstein, uncovers some recent disturbing machinations by Bibi and Barak…

Ehud Barak: Most Dangerous Man in Middle East

…All of this means that it’s very likely that Barak is trying to establish a narrative as a prelude to an Israeli attack. What he’s doing in the media is the equivalent to the “softening up” that military forces do before they launch their main assault on enemy positions. Barak is laying the groundwork for an attack, making his best sales pitch to the Israeli public and the rest of the world. He’s hoping that when the signal comes and the attack begins, all this work will result in a populace that willingly rallies to the cause, or at least acquiesces in the decisions made by the political leadership.

All of this makes Ehud Barak one of the most dangerous men in the Middle East right about now. He doesn’t care how he does it, whether he has to lie or cheat. He wants a war and by God he’s going to get one.

The only other individual who rivals him in this regard is Bibi Netanyahu. Ynet reports today that the prime minister has demanded changes in the coalition agreement that would grant him unprecedented powers in the course of a war against Iran. He would be able to overrule the opposition of reluctant ministers, delay decisions he disagrees with even though passed by a cabinet majority, and schedule additional deliberations on such matters until his he gets his way.

I find it interesting that the JPost in an editorial, today, openly challenged Bibi and Barak…

Striking Iran

… In the meantime, the cabinet has expanded the prime minister’s powers to push through important ministerial decisions.

The Prime Minister’s Office said this would improve governance, but opposition leaders described the move as undemocratic, saying that critical decisions – such as ordering a strike on Iran – should be taken only after a meaningful debate in the cabinet. {…}

Where, then, does that leave us? The prime minister said at the cabinet meeting on Sunday: “The threat to the home front is dwarfed by another threat – Iranian nuclear power.”

This comment reinforced his statement during a tour of the southern border last week that Israel cannot put its fate in anyone else’s hands.

“Israel must and can rely only on itself,” he declared. “No one can perform this role except the IDF and various Israeli security forces, and we will continue to conduct ourselves in this way.”

One can only hope saner minds prevail…!

One final note, Here’s a recent example of some Israeli Justice…

“A soldier accused of killing two women who waved a white flag during the “Cast Lead” operation in Gaza reached a plea bargain with the military advocate general and will be jailed for 45 days.”



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