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By greydogg and snake arbusto, 99GetSmart

– In a recent Guardian UK article, Greek unionists claim it will be ‘the hottest fall yet’ for Greece. The mass media outside Greece predict that the people’s movement will appear on the streets in huge numbers after the new austerity measures are implemented by the coalition government-of-the-regime. According to the Guardian, public servants, who will suffer most of the cuts, will join the mass demonstrations on the streets this fall. As reported yesterday, 40,000 public-sector workers are scheduled to join the growing ranks of the unemployed.

It will be very difficult for the coalition government to survive under the weight of the new austerity measures. The Greek people have not forgotten recent campaign promises. Candidates pledged that they would renegotiate the terms of the Memorandum with the Troika and that there would be no more cuts or lay-offs.

From the Guardian:

“[…] Word is spreading of an incendiary autumn with labour groups, backed by the radical left main opposition Syriza party, warning of protests in September. The prospect of mass lay-offs in the state sector and a spate of planned privatisations are setting the scene for the ‘hottest fall yet,’ unionists said.

‘Mass demonstrations are being prepared by both public- and private-sector unions,’ said Ilias Iliopoulos, General Secretary of ADEDY, the union of civil servants. ‘As long as the [governing] parties don’t respect their pre-election pledges of no more cuts and no more firings they will face the wrath of the people,’ he said.

With the country enduring a record fifth straight year of recession and unemployment hitting an unprecedented 23.1%, Greeks, he said, could ‘take no more’”. […]


– The spirit that is penetrating the whole of Greek society is the anticipation of what is ahead of them. Presently, the Greek capital is semi-empty. Athenians who are financially able leave the sweltering city for a few day to spend time in the villages to visit friends and relatives and to rest in the mountains or by the sea.

Whether they remain in the city or travel to the villages, what is upfront and foremost in the hearts and minds of the Greek people is what will happen at the beginning of September. And they are looking forward.


– The Greek radio station REVOLT reported today that anarchist Soteris Siftkas was placed in solitary confinement after his refusal to be placed in restraints on his return to the prison from a local hospital where he was undergoing an examination.


– On his live broadcast of 10 August 2012, Giorgos Kosmopoulos of StopCartel made this statement regarding the status of undocumented immigrants in Greece: “They are NOT ‘illegal’. They are people who do not have the right documentation for their presence in Greece. The whole … the absolute responsibility for this lack of the right documentation lies with the Greek State.”

Mr. Kosmopoulos reports that rioting police have been deployed to the central railway station in Athens, in full combat gear. Dozens of rioting police formed a wall on the platform as they waited for the arrival of trains. They detain and arrested anyone with dark skin or anyone who speaks Greek with a foreign accent.

As 99GetSmart reported yesterday, more than 7,500 people whose documentation is not in order have been detained in Athens since last Thursday.

The dictatorship in Greece is alive and well. Rioting police have replaced the Nazi brown shirts, but the tactics are the same. As a matter of fact, 50% of the rioting police force voted for the notorious neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, who won 6.92% of the vote in the June election


– Through the controlled media, the government-of-the-regime bombards the Greek people with the same daily propaganda. The goal is to give the appearance that the government-of-the-regime are Very Important People making Very Serious Decisions. The truth is that they are nothing but Troika-owned clerks, a status they accepted when they willingly acted as traitors to their country for their own personal financial gain.

It has been widely reported that the immediate target of the government-of-the-regime are the 40,000 public workers who are about to be listed on the “labor reserve,” which means they will be placed in the preliminary stage – resulting in a 60% salary cut – before being permanently dismissed from their jobs a year from now.

The Greek Minister of Justice publicly questioned the Constitutional legality of the so-called ‘labor reserve’ process as well as issues concerning austerity measures, but a well-trained TV journalist ‘reframed’ those issues by ‘informing’ people that the government-of-the-regime continues to work feverishly to crunch the numbers to make the ‘necessary’ cuts.

It’s all theater. We all know the final decisions have already been made by the Troika, who are returning to Athens on 20 August  – 1 September.

People are terrorized daily with reports of drastic new austerity measures which include cuts to social services across the board. Drastic cuts in pensions, including those above 700€, which will be cut up to 40%, which are coming on top of dramatic cuts only two years ago.

Giorgos Kosmopoulos of StopCartel TV had this to say about the present conditions in Greece, “Every day things deteriorate in Greece. Every day we are terrorized by revelations of new dramatic austerity measures against the Greek population.”


– UPDATE: StopCartel has been hacked! Again!

Giorgos Kosmopoulos made a short video statement explaining the recent electronic attacks on StopCartel. The video starts in Greek and changes to English at 3:09.


As 99GetSmart reported yesterday:

The Greek version of StopCartel’s blog was hacked yesterday morning. But thanks to StopCartel’s excellent tech team, it is up and running again. Many thanks to the tech team!

In the course of the repairs, the tech team discovered a spying program embedded in one of StopCartel’s computers. As soon as it was discovered, the stealth spyware was removed.

StopCartel believes this was the criminal work of the Greek ‘intelligence’ agency and that this event was an attempt at preventing the free circulation of political ideas in Greece.

StopCartel called the Department of Electronic Crime Prevention and requested an immediate investigation of the hacking and malicious spyware installation. Despite the fact that it is part of the Greek Intelligence Agency, StopCartel expects the Department of Electronic Crime Prevention to fulfill its duties – to prevent and investigate electronic crime.

If the Department fails to proceed with an investigation within 24 hours, StopCartel plans to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor of Athens against the Greek intelligence agency and request a full investigation.

StopCartel announced that its voice will not be silenced and that they will continue the work of informing the people inside and outside of Greece.


– The Thessaloniki International Fair will be held at the beginning of September. The festival is an annual tradition in Greece and it is customary for the Greek PM to officially open the fair. It is also his duty to address guests with a formal statement in the evening to kick off events. The following day, the traditional program for the PM includes a press conference with local and international media.

It has been announced that this year the PM will go to Thessaloniki to officially open the fair, but plans to reject the decades-old traditions that have been in place since 1950, after the civil war. He will not deliver a formal statement, nor will he give a press conference. Many interpret this to mean that this government is dead.

In Thessaloniki, huge demonstrations are being planned for 8 September 2012 in response to this new affront, as well as the new cuts and austerity measures.

StopCartel TV will broadcast LIVE from the demonstrations in Thessaloniki on 8 September @


StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece on weeknights at 6pm Athens time @



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