The Difference of The White Romney Vs. The Black Romney Winning

Darn it, we must support the The White Romney (TWR) or … else the pro-baby-killer, pro-high, “Blackie”, Kenyan, Socialist, Muslim will win.  And then we will all lose our guns, our freedoms, and … well our “balls” as well (the madness).  And if The Black Romney (TBR) wins, the liberals will start randomly killing babies (like they do now, but worse), force all our children to be high (thus easier to manipulate our children to kill babies, and steal from others), force everyone to join a union, attack those who love God (obviously our God and not his God), and give the country to immigrants and black people.  Oh ya, we will no longer be exceptional.  Or free.

It falls on us, as a great and honorable responsibility, to make sure The Black Romney wins again or … else the uber-capitalist, scary Mormon, anti-choice, anti-union, anti-immigrant, anti-99% will win.  And then all of us will be slaves to the 1%, our children will serve their children, and … the next SC choice will tip fully in favor of corporations and we will lose our rights and only corporations will have rights.  And if TWR wins, the conservatives will take over, convert us all to Xtianity (or Mormonism), deport or exterminate all immigrants (or any non-whites), destroy all unions and imprison all union members, and return us to feudalism and we will all have to scrape and bow before our new masters/lords.  Oh ya, we will no longer be exceptional.  Or free.


Is this what we’ve come to in America’s life span?  This delusional, psychotic, and irrational behavior and thought processes (can it even be called a thought process, or just the wild ravings of a mad man)?  If this was a human being, I would say they were AMS (altered mental status), due to exogenous effectors (ex. alcohol intoxication, psychedelic drugs, or poison targeting the brain), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), or some organic brain disorder (ex. Alzheimer’s) … ie. the person is senile or psychotic and needs to be hospitalized, medicated, and monitored closely.  And this is where we are … we are so FUBARed!

So what’s the difference between TBR and TWR?  Honestly, from my vantage point, I see, in their actions, very little.

1. Both work for “big money”,  ie. Wall Street and corporations, and not for us.  And boy is this list long and “distinguished”.  If it’s not whoring for the the financial sector (“God’s work”, or they did nothing “illegal”, only “unethical”, or “Corporations are people, my friend… of course they are.”), then it’s the energy sector (all I gotta say is that after TBR’s performance in the gulf, BP should be giving him one fat paycheck … no worries, after the prez gig, it’s all waiting for him).  And of course both loves thems some Reagan balls (slightly warmed till the hint, but not sight, of perspiration).  Both want lower corporate tax rates.  Both want to privatize SS and Medicare, … and frankly they both want to privatize everything (while the USPS gets gutted, TBR does nothing).  Who’s the bigger corporate shill/pawn?  TBR is doing a bang-up job or doing nothing while the corporations loot, pillage, burn, and rape (ACA, mortgage fraud, LIBOR, … the list goes on).  And if TWR wins?  Well he will meet TBR.  But how will he surpass all that TBR has done?  Is it even possible?  Sure.  But at this point, it’s hard to top that not one major player in the massive corruption … well everywhere, has been prosecuted (although “we” did get some low-hanging pawns, … booyah).  I mean how do you beat that?  What will TWR do, not only prevent prosecutions, … but then make the victims pay the fraudsters?  Well stranger things have happened.

2. Wars, wars, and more wars.  TBR has not only continued all our wars, and shoveled more money to the “defense” contractors, but he’s expanded war to a whole new level.  Where are we fighting now?  The better question, and easier and shorter to answer is where are we not fighting.  We’re in Central America and South America.  We’re in the middle east (duh), and up to our eyeballs there.  Africa is ripe for the taking (or more accurately raping), and we’re there too.  Asia?  Oh ya.  What else is left?  Europe?  We have our corporatist presence there and firmly entrenched (you’re welcome Europe, … but just remember, it’s your own fellow Europeans that sold you out for a few bucks, just like our fellow Americans, … welcome to the Getting-Screwed-By-Your-Own People club), so why bother there.  BTW, we have military bases dotting that landscape in case the Europeans get any ideas of their own.  I guess that leaves Antarctica.  Let’s nuke it and teach those Antarctic-ans a lesson.  It’s also a great lesson to the rest of the world: Obey or perish.  How is TWR going to beat that?  Attack the moon?  Attack Mars and the Martians?  Maybe nuke Venus?  Random searches, attacks, imprisonment, torture of Americans, … what’s the next level?  I ask as a rhetorical question but the truth is that I know in my bones that TWR will amaze us all with new heights of injustice and corruption.  In ways we can’t imagine, although looking at TBR, I have an idea what their plan is.  (Pure conjecture: TBR or TWR may plan to invade Greece after carpet bombing it to oblivion.  Ie. we have to destroy Greece to save Greece from … well the Greeks, from their “socialist” take-care-of-their-own “handout” society.  At some point we can start spinning the old lies: we’re going to bring them Democracy (ya I know where it started, thus the irony), we can win the hearts and minds of the Greeks, ie. those that are left after the carpet bombing, and lastly, but certainly not least, we will show them what freedom is, while they squirm under our jackboots.)

3. Both want to privatize everything, but with TBR, that’s an actual possibility.  If TWR were to win, all the elderly that voted for him, would actually resist it.  Whereas with TBR, their hatred of TBR will overpower all other thoughts.  Clinton almost tried to privatize SS via his bosom buddy Newtie.  I think he would have succeeded if other “issues”, ie. his penis, had not come up (pun intended).  Why do I say that?  Look at how he passed his welfare “reform” or repealing Glass-Steagal.  Only a “Dem” can do it efficiently.  Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  Now we will get SS “reform”.  It’s coming.  We all know it.  And the best man for that job: TBR, aka killa-O (as in after SS “reform”, there be a lot of older folks on the streets and dying).  Just like after welfare “reform”, killa-O be trying to match killa-C.  Whereas Pasty-Shady, aka TWR, ain’t got the props to do what killa-O can do.  He ain’t got the juice.  But killa-O got juice, and maybe some gin as well, or is that with black-in-name-only Ms. killa-O.

The rant continues in my head, unabated, and mostly with unreasonable propositions for the magic genie in the sky.  I will say that I believe TBR will win, liberals will cheer, as they will when he subsequently gets his table-crumbs committee (no more catfood, it’s too good for the likes of us, … all we get are the crumbs now, and the only reason they will give us those is because it’s too much work to clean up the rotting crumbs, and they will consider this act generosity and kindness for us, the unwashed masses) to do what killa-C could not.  Booyah bitchez, let’s get this party, aka road to hell, started; my popcorn’s getting cold.


P.S. Libor May Be Manipulated, But Silver Is Not, CFTC To Conclude.  Ya, I’ll buy that for a dollar (cause BS shouldn’t cost more than that).

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