Light ’em Up And Let ’em Go

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As I’ve mentioned before, the L&T Casey (and for you new people, the L&T Casey is my daughter whose life has been chronicled infrequently here and thereabouts since she was twelve) is headed off to grad school in New York City next Tuesday. She will initially be accompanied by her mother, the leggy and bootylicious mrs TBogg who is going to spend some vacation time seeing the bright lights/big city with her. I will pause here to mention that I specifically requested that they go see Porgy & Bess with Audra McDonald (!) while there as sort of a vicarious thrill for me, but NO, they’re going to see the Yankees play the Rangers instead. Women, pfft.


In my previous careers I’ve visited pretty much every major city in the country multiple times and yet, strangely enough, I have never been to NYC. Weird, right? It’s like the center of the universe or something. So, this weekend, I invite you dazzling big city urbanites to leave suggestions and advice for Casey, not so much about the vacation part of the trip (she and her mother will probably do plenty of doofy touristy things), but about surviving in the big city. Territorially she’s going to school in Midtown Manhattan, living in student housing in South Harlem, and working in Chelsea, if that helps.

None of those things mean anything to me other than the fact that she has lived her entire life in either a small beach community in San Diego or in Waikiki, and everything above sounds … big and overwhelming.

So, have at it, you elitists…

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