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By greydogg and snakearbusto, 99GetSmart

– The Greek version of StopCartel’s blog was hacked yesterday morning. But thanks to StopCartel’s excellent tech team, it is up and running again. Many thanks to the tech team!

In the course of the repairs, the tech team discovered a spying program embedded in one of StopCartel’s computers. As soon as it was discovered, the stealth spyware was removed.

StopCartel believes this was the criminal work of the Greek ‘intelligence’ agency and that this event was an attempt at preventing the free circulation of political ideas in Greece.

StopCartel called the Department of Electronic Crime Prevention and requested an immediate investigation of the hacking and malicious spyware installation. Despite the fact that it is part of the Greek Intelligence Agency, StopCartel expects the Department of Electronic Crime Prevention to fulfill its duties – to prevent and investigate electronic crime.

If the Department fails to proceed with an investigation within 24 hours, StopCartel plans to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor of Athens against the Greek intelligence agency and request a full investigation.

StopCartel announced that its voice will not be silenced and that they will continue the work of informing the people inside and outside of Greece.

SOLIDARITY with StopCartel!

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– A year ago, the unemployment rate in Greece was high, at 16.8%. Today, it was reported that unemployment in Greece currently stands at 23.1% from 22.6% a month ago, and nothing seems to be able to stem the tide.

According to the official data, which represent only a portion of the unemployment rate in Greece, there are 1,147,372 unemployed. But the real number is over 1.7 million.

Within the last month, 34,141 more people lost their jobs.

The statistics are grim. The unemployment rate is higher for women at age 26.8 than for men at 20.3. For people between the age of 15-24, the unemployment rate is a staggering 54.9%. Employment prospects are not much better, at 31.6%, for those between the ages of 25-34.

34-44 year olds are experiencing unemployment numbers at 19.4% while the rate for those between 45-54 years old stands at 17%.

These high unemployment numbers illustrate the dire conditions that have plunged Greece into the current humanitarian crisis that ravages the country.


– Today, Reuters reported an item the Greek media ‘neglected’ to report – the news that 40,000 public servants are about to be listed on the “labor reserve,” which means they will be placed in the preliminary stage – meaning a 60% salary cut – before being permanently dismissed from their jobs a year from now.


– Nikos Manesis, a private citizen and the owner of the Hellenic Halyvourgias Steel Mill, is intensifying his orgy of terrorism against the steelworkers. Today he sent notice to the President of the Steelworkers’ Union, Giorgos Sifonios, accusing him of several trumped-up charges.

The trend in Greece is unfavorable to workers as several factory owners are following suit by serving workers with a threatening summons, in an act of economic terrorism.


– The President of the Athens Medical Council was on TV talking about a social outpatient program organized by priests of the Greek Orthodox Church. UNBELIEVABLY, he is in favor of  a ‘STATE CHURCH’ in Greece.

The doctors of the social outpatient clinic have reported that within 6 months, they have examined over 4,000 uninsured people.

The social clinic offers the first level of medical assistance, but in instances where medication is required, the patient must fill the prescription at a state pharmacy.

If a patient needs hospitalization, they are referred to hospitals that will accept the uninsured. In many instances, people who suffer from serious illnesses such as cancer were not able to be hospitalized. And, in Greece 2012, unemployed pregnant women with no insurance will not be able to give birth in a hospital unless they pay for it.

On this issue, the Minister of Health is as clear as he is callous – people who are uninsured must pay for their own health care. The problem is that health insurance is tied to employment in Greece. What is obvious to everyone except the Greek Minister of Health is that the unemployed who are not insured have no money to pay for health care. The catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Greece rages on all levels of society.


– The former Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Schmidt, appeared on German TV and made statements regarding Greece and the EURO zone.

From  EUReferendum:

On the day that Juncker said that a Greek exit from the euro would be “manageable,” the grand old man, Helmut Schmidt, appeared on a German TV program, cigarette in hand, to tell the world that letting Greece join the euro in the first place was “a mistake.”


Nevertheless, while manageable, Greece’s leaving is “not desirable” says Juncker, and he rules out the exit, “at least until the end of the autumn – and after that, too.” That could be never, of course – except that this man openly admits that “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.”

But how do we know when Juncker is lying?


– The wildfires in Greece are as out of control as the political situation.

In central Greece, huge fires continue to rage out of control. For several hours, 20k of the main highway in the Peloponnese was closed due to unsafe conditions.

In Arcadia, authorities arrested a 45-year-old man suspected of starting one of the huge fires by carelessly disposing of a lit cigarette in the dry forest.

Wildfires are being reported on the island of Kefalonia in western Greece, in Corinth, 90 km from Athens, and in Kos, in the eastern region of the island. Currently, there are an estimated 45 wildfires all around the country.


–  In reaction to the recent raids on immigrants in Greece, Amnesty International is sounding the alarm on the Greek police.

Amnesty International stated that Greek authorities have no right to handle people in the streets as if they were criminals based on the color of their skin. Their demands include that Greek authorities must terminate its attack on ‘irregular’ immigrants and are calling on the government to allow people to be granted asylum in Greece.

More than 7,500 people without legal papers have been detained in Athens since last Thursday.


– The recent clashes in Ierissos in northern Greece persist. According to SYRIZA MP rioting police / armed forces are using rubber bullets against the local citizens who wish to exercise their right to protest the establishment of a gold mine by a Canadian company. Nearly all the trees in a nearby forest are to be cut down for the project.

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THE IERISSOS RESISTANCE: Private citizen George Bobolas dispatched local riot police to act as his private army against Ierissos residents in northern Greece – VIDEOS @

This is not the first time the Greek riot police were dispatched as a private army against Greek citizens, by a private citizen. BOBOLAS IS A REPEAT OFFENDER!:




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