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A little reminder to vote – look what happened when too many Americans fell asleep at the wheel in 2010

Or, you could say look at what happened when too many people, desperate for jobs and losing their homes due to the craptastic Bush reign of economic terror, were seduced by the “mad as hell” message from the Teabaggers? Dems on the Hill and at the state level were tossed out and the bigoted, fact-challenged Tea Party pols were ushered into office and proceeded to try to roll back the civil rights of LGBTs, women (and just about everyone except the 1%, for that matter), and failed to focus on anything resembling job creation.

A painful graphic from Current TV’s The War Room with Jennifer Granholm.

What awaits us this fall? How many are disgusted and will sit it out?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding