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Round up of a few positively off-the-rails, desperate, anti-gay fundie declarations of doom

It’s a bumper crop of crazee out there, as nightmares related to a cultural gay apocalypse that is apparently around the corner are being experienced by the purveyors of professional anti-LGBT hate. Seriously, there needs to be an intervention of professional mental health experts for these dudes.

Case #1: Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association is ready to kidnap kids being raised in LGBT families. David Badash at The New Civil Rights Movement:

No, gay people are not going to steal your children — but Bryan Fischer believes it’s his duty to Christ to steal the children of gay people and same-sex couples and send them on an “Underground Railroad” to live their lives safely away from their legal gay parents. Fischer, the wildly caustic public face of the American Family Association, is the man who practically single-handedly got Mitt Romney‘s gay foreign policy spokesperson, Richard Grenell, fired after just a few days on the job — merely because he is gay. Fischer, who has stated he believes allowing same-sex couples to adopt is “child abuse,” actually is advocating for kidnapping and abduction of children.

Case #2: American Family Association president Tim Wildmon.  He feels compelled to send out an e-blast to supporters civil equality for LGBTs,  the teaching of evolution, separation of church and state (and, interestingly, the entertainment industry) is putting America “on the road to self-destruction.” via People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch:

In modern day America, there is very little shame anymore. Most Americans have lost their fear of God. We are on the road to self-destruction.

Secularists mock the idea of God. Judges forbid even the acknowledgement of God in many public places. We teach our children they come from monkeys. Those who hold to the biblical definition of marriage are called hatemongers. The entertainment industry promotes sex without moral standards day after day, movie after movie, song after song – influencing our youth beyond measure. Try to raise any objection to this tide of immorality and you are quickly shouted down, ridiculed, called a prude, a hater, a religious nut, a censor or a fundamentalist.

What we are experiencing today in America is unbridled selfishness and licentiousness and the results are manifesting themselves in many terrible ways that will only get worse if things don’t change.

For the Christian in America today there is only so much we can do. Only 43% of our fellow countrymen even go to church today. We are now outnumbered.

Thank dog that you are outnumbered. I just wish your orgs didn’t have the power to scare politicians into silence or affirmation of your bigotry.

Case #3: Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and Matt Barber. They whine on the air that if the Democrats announce that marriage equality is added to its platform that it will lead to – gasp – Christian Persecution!

Kyle Mantala of Right Wing Watch summarizes the crazee hypocrisy coming out of their pieholes:

Staver warned that it would lead to religious persecution against Christians while Barber declared that everyone knows that there is no such thing as gay marriage, which is why gay activists “respond so violently when people snicker at it.” … Both Barber and Staver asserted that supporters of marriage equality refuse to engage in any sort of debate on this topic because, as Staver said, “they can’t dialogue on it from a logical perspective and so they want to shout you down and shut you up and push you out of business so that you can’t even practice your profession, pursue your calling, operate your business, or do you daily life”

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