Romney’s Favorability Rating Slips During the Summer

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Mitt Romney already has historically bad favorability ratings compared to all other modern presidential candidates and there is confirmation that his favorability rating has been eroding through the summer. The Washington Post-ABC News poll found the number of people who view him unfavorably has gone up by four points since May. From the Washington Post:

While 40 percent of voters now say they hold a favorable opinion of the former Massachusetts governor–virtually unchanged from May–those holding negative views of Romney ticked higher in the new poll, from 45 percent to 49 percent.

Meanwhile, President Obama remained in positive territory on that measure, with 53 percent of voters reporting they hold favorable opinions of the incumbent. Only 43 percent say they feel unfavorably towards him.

Polls have generally shown a tight contest despite Obama’s consistent edge on the question of personal popularity.

This is the latest poll to show that Romney is very close to having 50 percent of voters view him negatively. That could turn into a real problem.

President Obama simply needs to convince most of the voters who have a generally favorable impression of him to vote to win. By comparison, Romney needs the votes of everyone who likes him, everyone who has a neutral opinion of him, and probably even the votes of some people who currently hold a negative opinion of him to put himself over the top.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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