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NOM continues attempt to sabotage Obama’s black support with edited press conference

This is last week’s press conference featuring the Coalition of African-American Pastors, the phony group working with the National Organization for Marriage to get Mitt Romney elected.

Of course neither CAAP nor its president, Rev. Bill Owens, will tell you that. They will say that they are attempting to get President Obama to take back his support of marriage equality. If he doesn’t, they say, then CAAP will begin a campaign to persuade African-Americans to withhold our votes come November.

Not vote for Romney, mind you, but withhold our votes. Of course if the Black community withholds our vote, then that will ensure Romney being elected.

Of course CAAP won’t tell you that its president, Owens, is working with NOM as its liasion to black churches.

Nor will CAAP tell you that NOM has already endorsed Romney.

Nor will CAAP tell you that its recent effort is a part of a strategy by NOM to create a wedge between the black and gay community (two strong Democrat constituencies) over the subject of marriage equality with the expressed intent of “sideswiping President Obama.”

Anyone believing that this is a genuine effort to express anger over President Obama’s support of marriage equality is sadly mistaken.

And as the following clips (which were conveniently omitted from NOM’s video of the press conference) demonstrate, this effort is also fueled by hate and ignorance:

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper for the videos.

Also, there is a petition circulating asking that CAAP direct its attention to more pertinent matters in the black community such as fighting Voter ID laws and combating inequality in education.

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen