Legacy Hires Against Elizabeth Warren

Jumping on the Luke Russert bro-wagon (and who wouldn’t want to Be Like Luke with the undeserved position in life and bitchin’ Washington Nationals season tix?) the Daily Win The Morning warns of possible bad ju-ju if the Democrats shove Mao’s Mistress, Elizabeth Warren, down America’s throat:

Elizabeth Warren’s prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention is a high-reward move for the Massachusetts Senate candidate.

But Republicans, and some Democrats, think it also is a high-risk gamble for President Barack Obama, whose opponents have spent a year defining him as anti-business — culminating in a now infamous line from a speech he gave that was similar to Warren’s messaging on the economy, the “you didn’t built that” riff.

Okay. I’ll bite. Who are the “some Democrats”?
“Some Democrats” would be former Senator Tom Daschle’s kid, Nathan:

Warren has “that one elusive quality that we all want in our leaders, but can’t ever seem to get — freshness. Few people can combine newness with competence — Palin demonstrates the obvious pitfall — but she’s one of them. That was obviously a big part of Obama’s allure in 2008,” said former Democratic Governors Association executive director Nathan Daschle.

“At the same time, her anti-Wall Street message is powerful but limiting. As Obama learned, what works in Massachusetts isn’t necessarily what will work nationally,” he added.

“Most Americans are optimists, not pessimists. They don’t see themselves as victims. They see themselves as upwardly mobile, and that’s the product of their own sweat and labor. They work so hard to provide for their families that they naturally resent anyone they perceive as taking credit away. What they hear is ‘You didn’t work hard enough to deserve what you have.’”

Nowadays, Nathan Daschle runs a website you never heard of called ruck-us which is one of the post-partisan No Labels political buffet lines like Americans Elect but with less publicized failure. Why should we care what Nathan Daschle has to say? Because he has mad political skillz:
The Founder and Chief Executive Ruck.us Bringer is Nathan Daschle. Nathan is a reformed lawyer and political operative. From 2007-2010, he served as the Executive Director of the Democratic Governors Association. During this time, Democratic Governors and candidates suffered historic losses, particularly in key battleground states. Nathan hasn’t slept a full night since. Scarred by this experience, Nathan now dreams of a day when people can shed their partisan labels and organize freely around the issues they care about most

Resume fail.

Needless to say, Lil Luke finds the Politico article life-affirming*:

Woo! Validation! High five! Maybe Luke and Nathan can hit a Nats game soon; pound down some brews, become bestie bros.

That would be super awesome.

* The reference to the Cambridge Coffee shop crowd is directed at Charlie Pierce who inflicted major butthurt to Lil Luke and now there isn’t enough Bactine in the world to make that pain go away.

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