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FDL Movie Night: Camp Casserole

Camp Casserole, directed by Anthony Pedone who is here with us tonight live from the Brooklyn Arts Film Festival, documents the making of Steve Balderson’s Casserole Club, a feature about suburban housewives in 1969 whose dinner party casserole-themed evenings take them and their husbands into dark and twisted parts of their own psyches, framed by Judy Garland’s death, the Apollo moon landing, and the Manson killings.

Also joining us will be cast members Iris BerryJennifer Grace, Starina Johnson, Michael Maize, Kelly Pedone, Susan Traylor, and Jane Wiedlin.

Anthony traveled to Palm Springs where Balderson had rented two houses as work/live spaces that functioned both as sets and dormitories. Creativity incubates and erupts as cast members create  short films on their own, as well as bringing Balderson’s vision to life.  Jane Wiedlin supplied music, worked as driver, set dresser and all around Gal Friday; Anthony’s wife Kelly Pedone is one of the actors; and mothers and fathers came in to cook and look after the production. Watching this collaborative, co-operative process unfold with no egos, no conflicts, is refreshing and inspirational, a return to true passionate filmmaking.

Camp Casserole reveals the creative process of indie/DYI filmmaking and delves into the joys and difficulties of making low budget features outside the studio system, heck outside of Hollywood, while express the exuberance and wonder of creating.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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