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Should a Mormon be entrusted with the highest post in the land?

I am for freedom of religion; however, what about religious cults? Are we free to join cults and have sex with 14 year old girls, have 55 wives, and hire avenging angels to kill whoever our leader judged too sinful to be forgiven?

Of course, polygamy is no longer officially endorsed by the Mormon church. But Joseph Smith (who had 34 wives) and Brigham Young, who authorized the killings of many people, are highly revered in the Mormon church. I find that a bit disturbing as an outsider of their church.

Some people claim that there is a conspiracy to take over the USA by the Mormon church. In recent years the Mormon church has accumulated more wealth than any other church in the United States. Have you seen its monumental cathedral near Washington D.C.? It looks like the American version of the Vatican…LOL!

I am not a fan of the Catholic Church, though raised in that faith. And I abhor the pedophilia of priests. But unlike most Catholic followers, who have denounced those priests, I have not witnessed the Mormons’ denunciation of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith. Instead they are both still revered by members of the Church as its two great prophets. Nor have I heard Mitt Romney denounce these so-called “prophets” for allegedly having sex with 14 year old girls, and allegedly being sexual predators and murderers: yes, murderers, as evidenced in their doctrine of “blood atonement” and the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

I am including a video published on youtube a couple of months ago. It discusses the concept of “blood atonement”, which appears in the scripture of the Mormon church: i.e., that some sins are so unforgiveable that only one’s shedding of blood can save them from perdition. Brigham Young had Mormon “avenging angels” kill people he deemed too sinful to be forgiven, including thieves, adulterers, and apostates (i.e., those defecting from Mormonism).

This video suggests that there is a grand plan to take over our country by the Mormon church and purge our country of sin through its scriptural doctrine of blood atonement.

Please watch the video and see if there is any reason for us voters to be concerned about Mitt Romney’s faith and belief in the Mormon religion and scripture.

The video did, however, raise the following question for me: do I know enough about Mormonism to put my trust in a candidate for the highest office of our land if that individual is a practicing Mormon? Of course, I assume Mitt Romney is a practicing Mormon since he did, in fact, give $4 million to his church last year, while only paying $3 million in income taxes. Who in their right capitalistic mind would give $4 million to a church unless he was a fervent follower of that church? Also he was a minister for 10 years in the Mormon Church.

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