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Is there a connection between rove and the prosecution of Assange?

When I was making comments on posts yesterday reminding folks that former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was to be sentenced after a 9 year struggle, I compared his battle with a corrupt DOJ doing rove’s bidding to those of Manning and Assange:

Among several reply comments, yellowsnapdragon said:

Legal Schnauser did some posts about Karl Rove being involved in persuading the Swedish government to aggressively seek Assange for questioning.

The two cases may have some common threads. Just sayin’

I did a quick google search and among the articles turned up; this may be the one yellowsnapdragon referenced:

Legal Schnauzer: Rove Might Be Trying To “Pull A Siegelman” With Julian Assange:

And an even more interesting article, by an author for whom I have great respect, throughly illustrates the bogus charge(s) against Assange:

Professors blogg: Karl Rove, Sweden, and the Eight Major Aberrations in the Police Sex Crime Reporting Process in the Assange Case. By Naomi Wolf:

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