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Get Ready for the Romney Bush ticket

Republican Veepstakes 2012

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Get Ready for the Romney Bush ticket

As speculation among the chattering class builds – if not to a fevered pitch then at least to a dull ache – about who the Republican VP will be, one obvious name keeps not being mentioned, Jeb Bush. The former Florida Governor bring more to the table than the oft mentioned Marco Rubio in both experience and national Latino connections. He brings more to the table by every measure than Senator Portman who has the Bush baggage without the Bush positives. Jeb Bush solves Romney’s lack of connection with Latinos, southerners, evangelicals, and likely brings Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia into the Republican camp while helping move the needle in Nevada, New Hampshire, and Colorado.

No other potential running mate can help as much and yet his name is never mentioned. Every other Governor, Cabinet, and Congressional official is paraded or leaked as being on the short list, but Jeb gets ignored. Christie to give a major speech, but Jeb is never mentioned as having a role at the convention or in a Romney administration. How do you hide a potential VP? Like the Hound of the Baskervilles, the sound of Jeb Bush’s name  is the dog not barking in the night.

Does this potential pick fit with what of know of Romney’s decision making style? Yes, Romney is a run the numbers guy and no one has better numbers than Jeb. He is a safe pick and Romney is nothing if not risk averse. Jeb Bush also fulfills the Republican hereditary ballot line which notes that for the past 60 years (other than two Senators from Arizona who both lost in landslides) every Republican presidential ticket has included a Nixon, a Dole, or a Bush.

Romney Bush

And you thought it couldn’t get worse.

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Arthur Fullerton