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Farewell, (former) Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, victim of corrupt DOJ and karl rove

I made several comments on various posts yesterday re the scheduled appearance for sentencing of Gov Siegelman after his 9 year struggle against trumped up charges brought at the instigation of karl rove. onitgoes suggested

Perhaps you could write about that on MyFDL? I think it would be very helpful if you did. I know a little about Mr. Sielgelman’s situation, but it would be helpful to have more information about it.

I found some interesting articles online but this one is very thorough and illuminating covering the 9 year struggle that ended yesterday with a 6.5 year prison sentence:

*** best summary posted April 12, 2010:
Andrew Kreig: Siegelman Judge Asked To Recuse As Kagan, Rove Oppose Reviews:

Two short quotes from the very lengthy article that describes the connections with judge, prosecutor, rove, etc.:

Siegelman was Alabama’s governor from 1999 to 2003, but lost reelection in 2002 when 6,000 of his votes mysteriously shifted from voting machines in Baldwin County after polls closed. “Keep in mind,” Siegelman wrote last week, “the head of Alabama’s Business Council after my election was stolen was, and is, Bill Canary.”

Siegelman argues that Rove worked with Alabama prosecutors in an office run by U.S. Attorney Leura Canary. Her husband is Rove’s longtime friend and political ally Canary, who managed the 2002 campaign of Siegelman’s Republican rival Bob Riley, Alabama’s current governor.

and quote:

A bipartisan group of 91 former state attorneys general from more than 40 states formed an unprecedented coalition to file a friend-of-the-court brief to the Supreme Court arguing it should hear Siegelman’s case because his actions did not constitute a crime.

But Kagan, now widely reported as a leading candidate to ascend from her post as Justice Department solicitor general to become her friend Obama’s nominee for a Supreme Court vacancy, urged the high court in November to deny Siegelman a hearing. Kagan used technical legal arguments devised with the assistance of DOJ’s trial prosecutors.

And two articles that illustrate the trumped up charges against Governor Siegelman and the corrupt DOJ:

Legal Schnauzer: Siegelman Resentencing Serves as a Grim Reminder That His Prosecution Was Bogus from the Outset:

Legal Schnauzer: Justice Department Lawyer Has Conflict of Interest In SCOTUS Review of Siegelman Convictions:

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