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Syria-A Thought Experiment

Does Assad have the authority that Lincoln had to put down a rebellion?

Civilian casualties?
1. Cite a source that is reliable with respect to:
a. How many casualties there have been
b. Which sides have the casualties been on
c. How many have been civilian
d. How many have been foreign fighters, especially al Qaeda

2. Were there civilian casualties during Lincoln’s war?
a. Sherman
b. Since conscription was huge (few wanted to fight in that war; NY draft riots for example), many ‘soldier’ casualties should be counted as civilian
c. Foreign intervention: Not much during Lincoln’s war, though the British Empire nearly entered to help the rebels. Imagine how long the war would have gone on, and how many additional casualties that would have caused.

The U.S. war on Syria is now documented since the front page revelation that Obama signed a statement authorizing arming the rebels.

The plan is modeled after Operation Ajax that the CIA effected to overthrow Mossadegh in Iran in 1953. A difference seems to be that Assad was prepared for it, Mossadegh not so much. A commentator this morning also raised the Nicaraguan example.

Finally, compare the casualties in Syria and Libya, operations run by the west with the support (in Syria anyhow) of feudal Middle Eastern dictatorships, with casualties in demonstrations in Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, which seem to be more grass roots and the demonstrators are not being armed by outside powers.

Sorry there’s no indentation to make the points clearer. The numbered points should be indented under the topic above, and the lettered points should be indented further under the numbered points. I am told you can’t do that in FDL.

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