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Best Obit Correction Ever: NYT on Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal (Photo: Mark Coggins / Flickr)

I suppose it’s entirely possible that Gore Vidal’s spirit is somewhere laughing at Our Nation’s Premier Newspaper today, but barring that eventuality, I think we should all have a good chuckle on his behalf. Here’s how the New York Times corrected their published obituary of Mr Vidal:

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: August 1, 2012

An earlier version misstated the term Mr. Vidal called William F. Buckley Jr. in a television appearance during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. It was crypto-Nazi, not crypto-fascist. It also described incorrectly Mr. Vidal’s connection with former Vice President Al Gore. Although Mr. Vidal frequently referred jokingly to Mr. Gore as his cousin, they were not related. And Mr. Vidal’s relationship with his longtime live-in companion, Howard Austen, was also described incorrectly. According to Mr. Vidal’s memoir “Palimpsest,” they had sex the night they met, but did not sleep together after they began living together. It was not true that they never had sex.

Somehow, as the last word on Gore Vidal, this correction seems quite fitting.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge