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Let’s Pick-Fresh!

This is about what we are getting every day or two days or so . . .

Rosemary, thyme, oregano, fennel fronds, green zukes, yellow crookneck (baby one in pic), pole beans, chives, basil, chili serrano’s, Black Krim ‘maters, Beefeater ‘maters, Yellow Pear ‘maters, Red Pear ‘maters, Roma ‘maters, DELICIOUS Yellow ‘maters that are large, plump and SO tasty . . . tasty, and purdy, too.

So like, what’s in YOUR veggie and herb basket? Got Pic? I’ll post August Garden pics in a day or two . . . it’s a jungle out there! *G*

Veggie Basket



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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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