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Falling for Romney

Mitt might in the end benefit from America’s love for the underdog. Fallibility, frailty, banality and bigotry are no barriers to heroic status, as Archie Bunker, Ronald Reagan, Homer Simpson and Big W have shown. Comes now the latest bumbling flubster, True Grit Mitt. This latest wannabe incarnation of the lovable American loser may just be too transparently phony to make it stick, but he’s trying. Hard. And he doesn’t have to. All he has to be is not Obama, and he was failing at that – until his trip to London. No Apologizer For America he, Romney’s whirlwind global tour was meant to make him look epic, grand, Homeric. But he slipped while trying to step into Reagan’s shoes and ended up looking Homeresque. This may be his saving grace. If he can work that adorable “look, Marge, I’m saving the world — D’oh!” angle, he may yet succeed in getting Americans to want to drink a beer with him (shudder). I hope he wins, though – what America and the world need right now is someone to speed the plow, and he’ll do that, you betcha!

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