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– Greek bank workers will hold a 24-hour strike on July 30 to protest decisions made by the Troika and enforced by the Greek government-of-the-regime about them, without representation

OTOE, the bank union federation stated:

“The government must realize it doesn’t have the ethical or political right to show weakness, ignore the historical moment for Greek banks and succumb to the pressures of the creditors,”

The bank workers ask the Greek people to stand in solidarity and support their strike.


– EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras held a PRIVATE meeting in Athens on Friday, to discuss Greece’s progress with the terms of the Memorandum.

According to Giorgos Kosmopoulos from StopCartel TV:

Barroso’s visit to Athens plays a direct role in the psychological manipulation of the Greek people by imposing fresh directives to the puppet regime. Once again, the official threats state that Greece will not get the next infusion of cash unless the directives of the Memorandum are fulfilled. There will be no renegotiations. Barroso is in Athens to make it clear that there is no other way than to accept the ruthless terms of the Troika.


– In a speech delivered on Friday, Mr. Pantelakis, the President of the Unions, had this to say:

The Troika came disguised as doctors who administered the medicine that was supposed to save Greece, but they were charlatans and their ‘medicine’ is poison. It is killing Greece. If the Troika were public workers, they would be fired from their jobs.


– PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos stated that he will put forth austerity measures with cuts to be spread out over the next four years. He concedes that the measures are very difficult, with huge reductions in pensions, wages and health care.

However, the Troika has stated all along that austerity measures must be imposed within the next two years, as per the terms of the Memorandum.


– A new poll reveals that only 40 days after the last election, the great majority of Greeks – 83% – do not trust the new government. Only 16.5% have a positive view of the current government.

This creates an atmosphere that will benefit the people’s movement. The next few weeks are critical, as the new austerity measures are imposed. If 83% don’t trust the government now, what will happen when the government proceeds with more crushing policies? It will be very interesting to see what will happen next.


– The Troika’s clerks met with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Friday. Once again, the Troika’s errand boys point out to the puppet government that their target must be to achieve the reforms that they signed off on in the terms of the Memorandum. When the Troika talks about “reforms,” what are really doing is declaring open season on Greece’s public assets.

The clerks will leave Athens over the weekend, but will return in September with the same old threats, in an effort to keep the Greek people feeling insecure and afraid. The IMF knew all along that austerity measures were not going to succeed. There has never been an IMF success story, to date.

Greeks are going to hear about huge cuts. Here are some of the ‘reforms’:

– Pensions over 1,400€ will be cut by 40%

– Cuts to health care will include a 1,500€ ceiling per person, per year.

– Tuition penalties will be imposed on university students who fail to complete their studies within 4 years.

– The pension eligibility age will be raised from 65 to 67 years.

– Christmas and Easter bonuses, the so-called 13th and 14th salaries, that have suffered huge cuts already, will be terminated altogether.

– 30,000 more public-sector workers will lose their jobs within the year.


– 55% of hotel rooms and apartments for tourists in Greece are empty. This is the ‘success’ of the IMF, EU and ECB program in Greece. Europeans, and in particular Germans, reportedly fear unrest. Tourism receipts from European Union visitors fell by 28 percent for 2011 compared to 2010, and the trend continues. Tourism accounts for 15% of Greece’s GDP.


– Greek hospitals are in dire straits. Not only is there a severe shortage of doctors, nurses and other vital personnel but medicine and disposable items are in short supply, as well. Patients must bring their own syringes and catheters to the hospital for their own personal use.

StopCartel is calling out for people to assist Greece by organizing collection drives to help supply Greek hospitals with medicines and medical supplies. Please contact Giorgos at StopCartel for more information:


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