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Occupy Traverse City…Summer Update

Here in northern Michigan, we dreamed of warm summer days, while standing out freezing with our signs this past winter. Well, now we have proof that dreams really can come true. The summer heat wave was so intense, that it even had main stream media whispering the phrase “climate change”. Amazing!

Occupy Traverse City continues to hold GA twice weekly, a street action every Saturday morning, and a monthly potluck. Ongoing initiatives include working on foreclosure issues and using hand puppets for street theater. This week we will Occupy the Cinema!

As with many Occupy groups, we have focused on foreclosures. Thanks to OTC member Valerie Gibbs, we have posted the “Foreclosure Survival Guide” on our OTC website.  Moratorium Now, a Detroit based organization, has also been a great resource for us. Our first effort to stop an eviction appears to have been successful, with a loan modification underway. We are now working with our second homeowner. We are learning that publicity helps when fighting foreclosures.

To increase our visibility and to continue to educate, we have recently added the use of hand puppets to our street actions. Each of the puppets has a special theme or message to deliver. One of our favorite characters is our “Occu-pirate”, aargh! Thanks to Joe Therrien, from the OWS Puppetry Guild, for his support and advice with this new endeavour.
puppets at the Cherry Festival


The puppets and Occupy TC members will be “Occupying the Cinema” this week. The Traverse City Film Festival starts July 31st. Michael Moore, the driving force behind this event, is bringing several activist films, shorts and documentaries to town. Besides attending films, member of Occupy Traverse City will be visible with our Occu-puppets and passing out Occu-cards.

Thanks to Occupy Supply for our recent shipment of bandannas and water bottles, they will be great to have, as we continue our actions this summer!

In Solidarity!

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