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Presidential compatibility quiz

Found this interesting story at Forbes via a link from Teagan Goddard’s Political Wire.

It is a quick quiz on various issues, asking what your view is and how important that issue is to you. At the end the program calculates how closely your views match five presidential candidates, four parties, and American voters as a whole.

The developers say the quiz includes all the presidential candidates, as they intend it as a tool to help educate people on the candidates, but it’s not really complete. No Rocky Anderson, for instance, but it’s not just O and Mitt.

I took the quiz and came up 86% Stein/Green, 75% Obama/Dem, 71% Alexander, 53% Paul (although 61% Libertarian, don’t know how that works) and 28% Romney/Republican. I was surprised about the 75%, perhaps they are going by what they say rather than the record. What surprised me the most, though, is that I match 80% of American voters. Which means that Romney does not and Jill Stein does.

Anyway, it’s a neat little thing, The developers are hoping to expand it and earn a bit from it, so if you like it drop them a couple bucks so they can do more.

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